Monday, September 29, 2014

Day 268 at Waffle House

You know why I dislike Starbucks. (It has nothing to do with coffee), Home Depot (nothing to do with building material) and Microsoft (nothing to do with Windows 8).

They are all pretentious impostors moving their mugs, two-bys and DOS' across the Monopoly boards of our lives like 800 pound gorillas.

(If nothing else) The RCVman is a hero to the underdawg!

So please tell me how a $5 cup of burnt coffee enhances the quality of my decision to keep or sell Atlantic Avenue.

But this is not a rant on the sate of consumerism or capitalism. And as much as I cringe whenever Howard Schultz tries to moralize the destruction Amazon rain forests to increase coffee bean yields, I truly appreciate Bill Gates'  philanthropy. OK and HD sponsors race cars. Go Homer!

Every once in a blue moon (what the Italians call Ogni morte de Papa - Every death of a Pope) I stumble across a refreshing antithesis to this subsidized social slime. Therefore.....

Today's winner of the RCVman award for unpretentious value in the breakfast category….. goes to……

The Waffle House.

No big PR, no glitz, no hipness, no doublespeak, cleaver ad campaigns or mumbo-jumbo. No outright lies colored as puffery.

Just good, cheap food. Sure, you can get hash browns smothered, spiked, smoked or stacked but beneath all the options remain the basic fare brought to your table with a smile and a coffee ($1.65) refill. I also love it when they call me Hun.

I don't care if this is Southern fried low-brow. I am a breakfast guy. I like starting the day with some carbs and a cuppa joe in an industrial strength mug. And I like my eggs without hypocrisy thank ya'll very much. I even bought the Augusta Chronicle for a dollar today to pair with my pecan waffle.

And what do you suppose was the headline story?

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