Sunday, September 14, 2014

Day 253 Race

It wasn't my fastest.

It wasn't my best.

It certainly wasn't my longest.

But it was.

It was something. A place to start. A reality check. A marker. Some more data.

I probably shouldn't have, considering the dearth of training of late and the fluctuations of my heart rate, but it was a sunny day and the season is rapidly coming to an end. I wanted to race.

By abut mile 5 of the run (it was the Olympic Distance) I had labeled it the three P day.

My swim? Pathetic.

The ride? Painful.

And the run? Piss-poor.

But we got through. And there were moments of bliss during each of the legs. The water was calm, warm and clean. I had open space. Only got run over once. The ride was OK (see photo), rolling hills and one minor climb. I passed maybe thirty folks but got had with less than a mile to go by someone obviously returning the favor. On the run, there was nothing, no stride, no push no endurance and zero power. I even tripped over some RR tracks and did a nice shoulder roll popping up and looking behind to see how many were laughing.

A 3:01 was the tally. We didn't stay for the awards, as if that time warranted a medal. Another two hour drive and we were home, the day in the books.

I am glad we did.

And heart was not an issue until the finish and start of the drive when I had some strobe flashes and extreme fatigue.

We can build from here.

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