Monday, July 6, 2015

Day 7.187 Shadow of the Former

I don't know if there will ever be a return to "regular schedule."

Seems everything these days, from cycling to music, it a completely new experience every time out. Truly we are unable to swim in the same flaming river twice.

Change is coming on fast.

Time has reduced me to a shadow of my former physical self as the mind falters and fades grasping for a rope, a ledge, anything with which to hold on to. The good news to this corporal carnage is that my spirit, my very soul, is soaring like never before.

It seems like this is a daily occurrence, dealing with decline, attention to atrophy, facing the truth that reality relentlessly reverberates.

Sometimes it hurts. Like sleeping in the dirt. Like climbing 9% grades, like painful recoveries and abbreviated warm-ups. Like the uncertainties that cause doubt, concern, fear. Is this something I will walk way from?

I am very pleased that my ability to feel compassion is finally on a level with my irritating trait of instant judgement. I practice daily the ritual of letting go, of seeing that my efforts will be rewarded with greater value when I accept and allow, instead of continuing my modus operandi of the precision tuning of delicate situations with a sledge hammer.

It has been a long strange trip. Thank you Robert Hunter.

As much as it felt like yesterday might be that terminus algebraically known as Point B,  the omega, it was simply another weird new challenge. I trust that because it didn't kill me I am stronger.

There will be no more regular. It is all new and exciting. There are no ordinary moments.

I am a shadow of the former.

Way better than casting no shadow at all.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Day 7.186 Jose out

Plan B consisted of a 5K run, 50 mile ride, camp with bombs bursting in air (zero sleep) another 50 mile ride and a three hour drive home slowed by holiday traffic.

I am one tired Jose.

I beg forgiveness and promise a full recap tomorrow.

Jose, out.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Day 7.185 The Wheels are Ready

If the Microsoft version of Google street view has images of where we are riding today and tomorrow, I will eat my helmet. Camping where wi-fi does not (and should not) exist. Seventy-five miles in and seventy-five back.

We will resume regular posting activities upon return late tomorrow afternoon.

Happy Fourth and go get 'em riders of Le Tour.

The wheels are ready.

Friday, July 3, 2015

Day 7.184 Smokin' Hot

It is smoking hot.

Tomorrow is the Fourth of July.

Our dog is in constant pain from arthritis.

There are six fireworks stands just over the bridge. When I rode past this morning, their parking lots were all full.

I need to get out here.

Since my weekly Saturday 90 indoor indoor cycling session has been cancelled to allow greater participation for the club in the local parade, it is a perfect opportunity.

I am running, with my nephew, in the 36th annual BI Fun Run, a 5K, at 0915.

At noon we (maybe only me) will mount bikes to the truck, load camping gear and drive the 80 miles to Port Angeles.

We will park in the secure airport lot ($11/24hrs), un-load the bikes and gear, fill water bottles, lock truck and ride the 75 miles to the Lost Resort at Lake Ozette.

Where we (probably only I) will camp. Shown in the photo is my super-light, survival, one night, one season, summer kit. It weights less than six pounds.

Included is:
6x8 light duty tarp ($2.97)
two aluminum tent stakes (.97/ea)
light gauge nylon rope (.59)
inflatable pillow/blanket kit ($10 at Wal-Mart)
insect head mesh bag ($1.99)
two insect repellant bracelets (.59/ea)
tech shorts, T and flip-flops
I also carry bike tools, knife, lighter, flashlight and cell phone in, or on my bike.

At the hiker/biker campsite ($9.00) I fix the tarp to the picnic table and angle it to the stakes. Bag goes under tarp, mesh over head, bracelets on each wrist.

I know where to closest store to the camp-site is, so bringing in dinner and hydration beverages is easy. The camp store also serves breakfast and coffee for the morning.

It is 75 miles each way with about 3K of gain. Weather calls for 80-85.

Smokin' hot.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Day 7.183 Important, actually

As we officially move to the second half of the year, this just in:

There is a distinct possibility (better than 50/50) that I may soon be back among the rank and file.

The rank being PFC in the file labeled The Work Force.

I had a backdoor employment offer yesterday. It wasn't a formal interview, or even a response to a Craig's List ad, more like abbreviated conversation.

It happened in the locker room after the evening spin session.

We were talkin' about he new boat house for the local rowers.

Come to find out (from the abbreviated conversation) that construction is about to begin.

"So if you know of any High School kids that are looking for a summer job…"

Pause. I tighten the towel around waist and sheepishly, slowly and with as much humility as I can portray, raise my hand.

He looks at me askance.

Well, I worked the Columbia river dam circuit for ten years and then local construction before heading to greener artistic pastures in 1985 or thereabouts.


Yup. I can tell a nail gun from a double-barrel over and under from twenty feet.

And, if you hire my ass I will throw in, at absolutely no additional charge, a time lapse video of the entire project.  A chance you have but one opportunity with.

Yeah, well, OK. Sounds good.

Yeah. Cool.

OK, I'll see you later.

OK, thanks.

For several reasons this abbreviated conversation represents good news.

1) I would love to be involved with the project.
2) I love time lapse video.
3) It is local, a ten minute commute.
4) It would not impact my existing work schedule.
5) It offers a weekly paycheck.

Number 5 is especially enticing.

Important, actually.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Day 7.182 Decent Pix

Figuring it to be as advertised, I set my chronometer as documentation.

What a cute little post, I thought, to say that I changed phones, numbers and carriers in less than xxx minutes and xx seconds.

I should have known better.

Going from an iPhone to a Galaxy Android is bad enough, but that was easy compared to the failed process of trying to rid one's self of an AT&T contract.

OMG, WTF and SOD (Shit oh Dear) mashed thoroughly together.

Perhaps the slimiest bit of chancery ever to fly the capitalistic flag. There is no way to do it, and that is the way they like it.

I was on three times with the new carrier (something called Total Wireless - sold only at Wal-Mart) three each with phone reps and live chat support. Fortunately I got to pick my own hold music.

Nobody could figure it out. Finally in desperation I asked (patiently and innocently) if it might be easier (and quicker) to simply get a new number instead of trying to extrapolate the number that I have been paying AT&T $60 a month for for almost ten years.


OK, what do I need to do.

Go here, download this, open an account, set up, add minutes, call this number and you'll be good-to-go.

Are you sure?


So I go there, download that, open an account, get set up, add minutes, call their activation number and wait for confirmation.

I am still waiting,

Running clock is now at 13 hours, eleven minutes and five seconds.

They tell me that my new number will be 206.379.3608.

I have no idea when I will be able to answer.

So please keep trying.

At least it takes decent pictures. (Say OZ and KG after tonight's session in the PB with low lighting)

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Day 6.181 Watch TV?

Tuesday night.

I am done.

Three rides, 0530, 1500 & 1730.

I need some rest if I am going to repeat it again tomorrow.

On which I plan.

My weight is down and my power is up.

If it takes three a day to continue that trend, then…

By God that is what is going to happen.

I suppose this is another test of the emergency heart-beat system. I figure that if the new regulated rate can take what I dish out…

That is good news.

Meaning, that this will continue until further notice.

The 72 push-ups we did yesterday probably helps too.

I have no scientific explanation on which to speculate. This is all trial and error, hit or miss. I only get one shot at it. Today. Right fucking now.

I will push the limits and experience how far outside the comfort zone I am able to go.

What else am I gonna do?

Watch TV?