Friday, October 24, 2014

Day 293.14

I am driving the RV (PowerBus) down to the Silverdale Car Toys to have the new audio/video system installed. I am feeling good. There are several feelings and emotions that always swirl when I am on the road. And even though this trip is a mere 20 miles I smile at the wheel of this big tuna. I remember taking what we called 'major excursions' way back in college, driving up to San Francisco from LA, out to Ogden, Utah and even all the way East to Nawlins for a Mardi Gras one year. I remember heading North in my 1950 Chevy half-ton, breaking down in Pittsburgh, CA and then downscaling to a back-pack to continue the trek into Spokane. That was the first leg of this very adventure. They are all connected to today.

I like being out there. On the road. Always have, and it looks like I always will.

We have officially established Nov 8 as the inaugural PowerBus trip. The big tuna will morph into the PowerDawg as we haul a rabid crew to the Husky/UCLA game. After today's music/movie upgrade, a few bike racks, indoor couches to replace the rear bed and BBQ cooking apparatus will have us breaking huddle and ready to establish a ground game and dominate.

I am putting the menu together for the tailgate activities as we speak. There will be Coho.

I think it will be fun. Out there. Husky Stadium. Dawgs, Bruins. Coach Pete and the Montlake Mutts need us. There is a LOT of history there (especially versus UCLA) and we are drawing up a few new plays to add to the arsenal.

It WILL rock.

Pic is from the Husky Stadium project, 2012. We'll be there 11.8.14. WOOF.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Day 292.13, Clean Bill

(Somewhat) clean bill of health from the cardiology department at UW this afternoon. They hooked up the pacer and pulled out all kinds of data. A surprising amount actually. Including the times that I have slipped into AF since the implant, 13 days ago.

I was amazed to find that the four incidents precisely matched the times that I had recorded on my own, using my cheap Polar monitor as tool. The EP, Dr. Robinson wants to now try some drugs to keep that (slipping into AF) from happening at all, ever again. They also dialed up the lower register response to 60bpm from 50. The thinking is that now that everything looks good, we can tweak the technology to best fit the symptoms. Even if I am not a fan of the drugs (they seriously lowered my HR the first go around) now that that is no longer and issue, if the drugs (no side effects) keep me in sinus rhythm and I cannot drop below 60 bpm, we might have a winner!!

That is the theory. Testing will begin immediately. Like in about 90 minutes as we saddle up in the PB for another 2x20 set.

The only bad news in all this is that Rite-Aid said the prescription needs to be pre-approved, so I might have to ante up to cover the cost of the meds.

So somebody needs to hire me. STAT.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Day 291.12

Every so often I find it helpful to review. We have covered so much ground. Made so much progress (even though at times it seems like none.) I mentioned in class this morning that we compare to our former selves, NOT to others.

So today, after a rollicking Super Eight set of maximum blasts of 30 second explosive power, and as I am feeling particularly good (fit and healthy) and before another 2x20 set of 85% of FTP in the PowerBarn this evening, let's spend a few minutes looking in the rear-view mirror. Shall we?

Don Miguel Ruiz has authored many books. His wisdom comes from the Toltec tribe. Perhaps his most famous work, The Four Agreements, is his finest. It is as simple as it is pure. As important as timely. Here are the Four:

1) Be impeccable with your word.
2) Don't take anything personally.
3) Don't make assumptions.
4) Always do your best.

How this fits into my day?

When I said I was going to kill the Super Eights, I meant it. I needed to back up that talk with the walk.

When I got to number seven and found my gas tank to be almost empty, I didn't berate the fool that I am.

I DID assume that I could execute the protocol flawlessly. Once again, I was not 100% correct.

Despite all this (failing at the first three) I did the best I could.

Tonight I will remind myself and review these principles prior to the nightcap.

I will not assume that taking it personally will create a falsehood in the process of doing the best that I can.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Day 290.11

I am a passenger on a tour bus gawking out the window at the surrealistic view. We are on a narrow walk-way paved with stone. I am awed that the driver (it might be me) is able to guide the huge coach without disaster. We are on the private grounds of what seems to be old European money. It is a castle on a lake. Across the deep blue water are mountains of vibrant red clay. There are ancient dwellings built into the face of the rock and the sky and clouds contrast with crisp fierceness.

Suddenly we stop. I am outside trying to frame a shot of all this with my iPhone when an elderly woman appears. She has silver hair atop a serious, but kind, face.  She looks very fit, perhaps a mountaineer. She is holding a clipboard. I sense that there has been some mix up in scheduling. She isn't happy that we are there. 

As I re-frame my money-shot a motorcade of sports cars, all carrying Swiss pennants, comes racing past me on the twisty road. I get one or two shots between the cars and return to the bus.

The driver, as tour operator (is it me again?) has successfully negotiated a solution with the woman and is calling for the passengers to re-board the coach.

As I pass in front of him he says to me, 'nothing a few dollars can't fix', and smiles.

I am at once relieved and concerned.

I want this to be above board, not some cheesy back-roads midnight limo service to the red-light district.

We are on our way and I look out the window across the lake for a last peek of the million dollar view.

It is gone.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Day 289.10

I sent out a few resumes today. Talked with a couple of folks. Did some internet searches. There are jobs out there. Some even involve travel.

BUT, they all seem to leave me in the middle of the road. Way too techie, or well beneath my skill set.

I am middle America. Lost at sea. Without a paddle or a canteen. There is another word for it but I am trying my best to refrain from the vulgar.

I want to build something. Put hands to work. Cut, sand, nail, paint. I need a side project to get me untied from this horrifying computer tether. My ideal day (for now) looks like this:

Exercise (train)
Computer work (video)
Outside project (build)
More exercise (cross-train)
Computer push
Exercise (easy)
Follow up
Read, write
Sleep (with nice dreams)

I can grab healthy snacks and fit in commutes with this schedule. It suits me. There is precious little compensation however.

What would I think if all that came crashing down and ended up looking like this:


I don't know. What I DO know is that I need to generate some revenue. Re-stock the coffers. Fill some coffee cans with Bens and bury them in the forest. Buy a lot in Sequim so I can dig holes and place seedlings in them. Pay taxes again. Get square with the IRS. Fix my credit. Buy some medical insurance. Sound like middle of the middle in the USofA?

Maybe they won't ever call for an interview. Then I won't have to answer that question. In the meantime I have an exercise session at 1800.

Thank the Lord for that!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Day 288.9

I have said this before…

and probably will a few more times…

I would rather be a Husky in defeat…

than a Duck in victory.

That being said. Today was another tough one. Issues early on included dizziness, fatigue, navigational problems, acute light sensitivity. Did a load of laundry (workout kits, despite tech fabrics, pile up in a hurry), then sauntered down to Silverdale to schedule an install time for the A/V upgrade on the PowerBus. That will be Friday at 0900. At Car Toys. Sorry Best Buy but you had three chances to get my dough, and went o-for-three. You will not get a fourth chance BB. No no no.

Another graphic example of nonexistent customer service. Seriously, I held my American Express GOLD card above my head in the car stereo department for twenty minutes. Closest I came to assistance was a gal from the phone sector who winked with a "we going out?" grin.


Did some shopping on way home and stopped in to see my old pals at Poulsbo Running. They are sooooooooooooooooooo great. I told Brooke that I am in the hunt for steady employment (after giving her the condensed story) and she volunteered to contact our mutual friend out at Bangor MWR and put in a good word.


So we have a week till install. I will put up the racks, continue the outfitting (chairs, tent, BBQ next up) and have this puppy road-ready by this time next week. Now to attract some clients. Fishing to Neah Bay? Hiking Mt St Helens? A marathon, a football game, a concert?


You put together 2-6 people and I will haul them wherever they want to go. This puppy will sleep 4 comfortably, six when the weather is nice and we have a campsite. If no sleepover, she'll take half a dozen anywhere at a remarkably good price. This, in spite of the lingering greed of the oil barons. We did some modeling Thursday, how is this?

Saturday: Depart from BI ferry terminal. Cyclists ride, supported, the 75 miles to Dungeness Rec Area Campground in Sequim. Dinner, campfire, accommodations.
Sunday: Ride, supported, from Sequim to Hurricane Ridge and back, 50 miles. Cruise back to BI ferry. Home by 6pm.

All that for $110/pp.


Photo: Pioneers of the Fun 101 bike trip about to leave Forks for another great day of Olympic cycling. l-r Ace, RCVman, 8T. An RG photo.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Day 287.8. Woof and Cheers!


There is lots of good stuff to celebrate.

We should be happy our community isn't dealing with an ebola crisis, for one.

That we have no visible barbarians at the gate, for another.

That we have shelter, a wardrobe, fresh fruit and clean water.

That we have brothers and sisters that care.

That we have the freedom to choose what we do, how we do it and with whom.

That people aren't getting tossed in the slammer because they light up.

That love is not gender specific.

That you have a job. A 401K and something in the bank called savings.


I wish I was chilling some IPAs in preparation to watch the contest via a live feed on my MacBook, but…..

I feel like shit. Today's 90 minute session kicked my butt in a totally new way. I went into AF at the 67 minute mark and ever since have been dealing with dizziness and hypotension.

So I am going to take another nap and see how that helps.

We have about an hour and a half before the start. I should be ready.

Lucky I am merely a fan and not trying to contain Mariotta.

I will leave that for the Dawg D. I made my prediction yesterday and stand by it.

38-37 Huskies.