Thursday, October 8, 2015

Day 10.191 Good, better, best

GOOD: Riding your bike?
BETTER: Riding for performance improvements indoors.
BEST: Using precise power protocols with motivational video accompaniment!

This format, the good, better, best comparison, is one we will consider utilizing in our roll-out campaign. It is somewhat of a knock-off of the classic and successful MasterCard "Priceless" campaign, which I consider to be an outstanding work of advertising genius. One can almost see Don Draper smiling as it is pitched to the MC advertising directors.

Behind the scenes and under the hood we are making consistent progress. Yesterday's marketing status report meeting went well. I am enthused and excited about the possibilities of the new project. We hammered out several key points and now have a clear model from which to work. I will detail it later for your consideration, review and commentary.

Another first is taking place this very evening in our local training center, The PowerBarn (soon to become our production studio for the indoor video training series and available exclusively at - see the hook?) as we sync two of my favorite things, college football and indoor cycling.

The big game, UW vs USC, on the big screen as we push big power on the CompuTrainers. This will test the system for subsequent use with the new video series.

GOOD: College Football.
BETTER: College Football and indoor cycle training.
BEST: A UW win as we cheer from the saddle.

We will need to ride with Lady Luck tonight if the Dawgs are to bite the Trojans again. But I do love a hopeless underdog.

GOOD: The game on HD in the PB.
BETTER: A great workout and entertaining accompaniment.
BEST: Huskies 31 USC 28

Light a cigar Don.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Day 10.190 Ritual

I find it both refreshing and amazing that my simple existence on this wordily platform contains so many opportunities for growth.

My latest book on tape is a seminar by Caroline Myss. She has always held a power over me due to her concise talent in explaining what should be by now glaringly obvious. She speaks of mysticism, shamanism, chakras, physic power, and all things spiritual. To me she is the yin to the yang of Carlos Casteneda, Joseph Campbell and Tao of Physics author Fritjof Capra. With the understanding that the archetypes she examines transcend modern stereotypes. Man is warrior, prince, jester, alchemist. Women a goddess, mother, healer, prostitute, artist. Part of her opening remarks were on the challenge, quest, duty of every human being to find the synergistic combinations of these archetypes to change our spirit energy into matter, words and thoughts into action.

This to me is thrilling. She is on to something hugely important. Especially in this time-crunched culture we have created for ourselves.

In an immediate segue she gracefully choreographed a move to the topic of the power of ritual. She engaged the audience with questions of their mornings. How they woke and the routine preparations for a long day of mirth. Most men's went something like this:

Shit, shower, shave, coffee, bacon, e-mail, commute.

Most women answered:

Stretch, water, hair, tea, TV.

As I attentively listened while navigating the damp roads to our Wednesday morning 0530 spin session I mentally created my own list. Here is what appeared on that list:

Pee, brush teeth, make coffee, pack kit, e-mails and NPR, toast, commute. And here is the biggie:


A ritual. A practice. An alchemy. A very wholesome and valuable lifestyle choice enacted.

There is power in ritual.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Day 10.189 Wheels, Wind & Will

Something about riding stimulates the creative process.

Maybe it's time in saddle with pumping oxygenated blood flowing to fertilize the arid desert of my western hemisphere. Maybe it is the all too scarce quiet time, a meditative hour spent with no-one but my own private circus. My daily meeting with the monkey management team.

Same phenomena with running. I have been nursing an inflamed left (of course) hip flexor for almost two months now, with the latest (self) diagnosis being bursitis. I can sum up the sensation in one word: Ouch!  But only when I run. Footstrike trauma to blame as the usual overuse suspect. There is significantly less ouch-ness when turning nice round circles on the bike, inside or out.

We (nephew and I) ran an easy two miler yesterday. This was in-between a morning hour spin and an evening 2x20 set. It felt good. Now the challenge is ramping back up safely and efficiently. Here we go.

As we ran I had this acronymic revelation:


When wheels are legs.
When wind is cardio vascular fitness, and
when will is the desire to improve.

A great combination I believe.

Go out and run or stay in and spin, then see what you think.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Day 10.188 The 15 Commandments

MY 15 Indoor Cycling (Spin Class) Commandments

1) Be on time
2) Be prepared
3) Get correctly set up
4) Check your attitude at the door
5) No chit-chat
6) No cell phones (if you are running a fitness tracking app - pause or stop AFTER)
7) Participate in the protocol
8) If you want  to do another protocol, tell me
9) Do the work
10) If you MUST leave early - tell me in advance and
11) Do not disturb the others as you exit
12) Hydrate often
13) Energize others
14) Clean your bike and floor underneath after the session
15) Please join us in applause for each other upon completion of the session (including warm down and stretch)

This is common courtesy.
It is respectful.
You send a powerful message to others as a result of your effort and attention.
Drive safe on your way home and be sure to down some clean protein.

Hope to see you in the saddle very soon.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Day 10.187 Of World Class

Today was another Hurricane Ridge ride. I have done plenty, but never seem to tire of the challenge, the scenery and the glow upon completion. And breakfast after.

RT was a full ten hour day and well worth it.

Not so much because my partners today were making their virgin assaults but because, as always I use this ride, 17 miles up to 5,200 feet and another 17 back down at white-knuckle Mach 5, as a cycling fitness gauge.

I did OK. Felt strong, never coming even close to over-exertion and enjoying every minute and mile. All fueled by one slice of peanut butter and honey at 0600 and one bottle of water.

It was as clean and crisp today as I have ever seen it. Spectacular in every way.

This ride will be a cornerstone element on the event wheel of the new site. I'll pick up at the Bainbridge ferry terminal, shuttle to PA, lead the ride and support it, and shuttle the intrepid customers back. All for what? Besides grins.

I am trying my best to price point the prestige. I know many European riders who would jump at this.

And rightfully so. As I said to one of the riders today who asked me to compare HR to some famous International climbs…

…She is, as they say, of world class.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Day 10.186 Rude Entitlements


This entitlement thing seems to be gaining traction. 

I was at a waterfront park talking about some serious stuff with my brother. He is currently seeing the world through bleak colored glasses. He is feeling helpless, overwhelmed and defeated.

We are sitting on a bench as I try my best to offer counsel, or at the very least support.

From behind us a voice is asking to use my brother's cell phone. I turn to look at a disheveled young man, mid-thirties sporting an out of control five day growth. He is a little scary looking and he makes the thumb and pinkie pantomime to me in the universal signal for the phone.

Left mine in the truck, sorry man.

He then asks for a ride to the store to buy some food.

My brother, in a civil and polite tone tells him that we are in an important discussion and could he please give us a few moments to finish.

He grunts an insult and I feel my blood pressure head into the red zone, but I return to the dialogue, ignoring his rudeness.

We finish and stand to leave. He is standing about twenty feet away and asks again if he can get a ride to the store.

I tell him that the cab is full but if he would like he can hop in the back that I would gladly take him to the convenience store even though it is the exact opposite direction of our destination.

Just to the store, he asks impatiently, and not back?

Best I can do right now friend.

I am not going to walk back.


We leave.

This morning a class regular sat using a mobile device as we were winding down in yoga fashion after a particular interesting 90 minute deeply meditative spin session.

Evidently she didn't understand how I see this as rude and disrespectful. To everyone, not just me.

Further, she confronted me after class about 'calling her out'.

I guess we all are entitled to rudeness and disrespect.

Just please keep it out of my house.


Friday, October 2, 2015

Day 10.185 Rev3 & RCV

Spent the entire morning writing. Cross my heart.

Not too surprising, eh?

The type of writing is the caveat.

I found out via a press release that one of our former clients has split from a partnership and are in the process of 're-launching' their events. Back to the core races with which they have been very successful.

The group is Rev3. There are the locations of their six 2016 races:

Knoxville, TN, May 15*
Lake Quassy, Middlebury, CT, June 4*
Williamsburg, PA, June 12
The Pocono Mtns. PA, Aug 7
Old Orchard Beach, Maine, Aug 28
Sandusky, OH Sept 11

My proposal includes all of their events, partial sponsorship and a promotional presence at each location. I will spare you the financial details. Those, as they say, are on a need to know basis.

Currently the model is the standard one, I run the expo booth and shoot race day video for RCV production.

Here is the twist: We are working R&D to send live video feeds from the events. With pre-loaded GPS course profile of the course, one can ride the entire bike leg while watching a live feed from the event. All in the comfort (or pain) of one's own home, garage, cave, studio, MR Center or wherever one has access to power, a computer and a CompuTrainer.

Is that cool? The technology has been around for a long time, but now it is available to the common blue collar working man (me) for just short of both arms, both legs and firstborn son.

We are trying to make it work.

Maybe I should be spending my entire afternoon working instead of writing.

So here is your exclamation point ending the former and setting up the ladder. !

* RCV currently available here.