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Saturday, March 10, 2018

Coyote Calls

It was harder than I thought it would be.

Talking about our spin set this morning and not the vilely oft-quoted what's 'is face.

I was up late laying in bed listening to the hound under my care answering the call of a pack of coyotes. I have yet to decode that call as sometimes it sounds like an orgy invite and other times like the wail from a thousand lashes. In the response my dog, half bloodhound, was either baying an 'I'll be right over', or 'run like hell'.

As this call and answer medley played on, I thought I would use the time wisely and work up a new protocol for this mornings session. With fait acompli confidence, I worked out the details even ending with a suitably pithy moniker. And the Speed, Power for about an Hour set was welcomed to the world (as coyotes cry). Here it is with my notes in parenthesis:

10 minute warm up (standard).
60 second seated sprint. Your choice on gearing and cadence (Levels playing field).
60 second standing hill push. Again your choice (But attack).
60 second seated recovery at 7/120 (Again the standard)
60 second standing "survival" climb. (See if you can recover while climbing out of saddle).
60 second second recovery at 7/120. (Make it count).

Repeat this format ten times. (Fifty minutes plus warm-up provides its titularity).

This one killed. By the third set my power was heading South faster than a snowbird in November.

But then an interesting thing happened. As I monitored my heart rate, fully expecting to go into A-Fib at any second, I was presented with a timely and most welcomed gift. A wonderful present aka Second Wind. Wondering almost aloud who was presenting this mysterious and magical bequeathment I was shocked to find….it was me. Giving something back to myself in the form of enthusiasm, energy and hope. I had earned it, after all, our base fitness comes at the expense of countless repetitions, hours of practice and a dedication to continual improvement that might make a Navy Seal proud. I freaking deserved this almost as much as I needed it. And so I said a silent note of thanks to my spirit for having the tenacity and motivation to ensure that we all arrived (my body and mind make three) at the same time, grateful and full of life.

It matters little how much speed and power we generate, the brass ring is the experience of witnessing all this coming together, recognizing it and being thankful that we have the opportunity to grow and learn from the effort.

It was harder than I thought it would be.

As it should be.