Thursday, July 31, 2014

Day 209 Norm

In my 'Golden Years' as a TV junkie, two of my all time faves were Beverly Hillbillies and Cheers.

Now the only time I watch TV is in motel rooms when I am on the road and ready for bed. I am proud to say that I have not watched any TV since 1983. And if it wasn't for College Football, specifically the UW Huskies, I wouldn't watch at all. I do not own a TV.

But back to Uncle Jed and Mayday.

I was thinking about being even. In no debt. I had to sell off a lot of stuff, including my cabin, to get 'here', but 'here' I am. In the black. But that is changing soon as I prepare to invest in my brother's business (a pizza joint) tomorrow.

So I laugh out loud, driving home from a rocking PB session, sipping an ice cold IPA on a spectacular summer evening.

Yes, I will break the law for rare moments of complete nirvana such as these.

I see Norm heading into Cheers to a resounding chorus of his name. Pretty cool.

Then I see Uncle Jed walking into his BANK and having management lay rose petals at his feet as HE enters.

I thought to myself, the hell with Cheers, gimme Ms Hathaway and Drysdale.

Photo: The boat to 'here'.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Day 208, Ablation minus 7

Long, long day. Two workouts on two hours sleep. Oh well. In between spent five hours getting another CT scan and MRI. All prep for Tuesday's big day. The ablation.

I think it will be fine.

I think I will be back at it immediately after.

I think I should sign up for a race.

You know, an Ironman.

My HR was fairly stable this evening. Power down, true, but a regular HR is more important at this juncture than a higher FTP.

So I am optimistic.

What else could I be?

We aren't giving up, so until directed otherwise, it remains,


Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Day 207, Newark to Seattle

I sit patiently a half hour from the airport. My flight is in four hours. Some food, gas, traffic, rental car return, air-train to terminal, TSA. I have time. Use wisely.

I will be spending the better part of the day, nine hours, en-route home. I have two important papers to author. Point A is Newark, Point B, Seattle. Phoenix is A1 but that is another issue altogether.

I want to start with something positive, and I fear that some of my recent posts have been slipping towards the shadows. Like the dream I had last night. I can summarize in one plot line:

She was desperate to keep him forever. He had a plane to catch. She wasn't hearing him warn of the urgency. Finally, pointing at his watch, he cried,  "I have to go, like RIGHT NOW". And he was as gone as she.

One of the papers (A) is for a triathlete competing in his first Ironman Sunday. He is nervous. My job as training partner is to provide calming support. The work is finished, he has done an outstanding job in both his preparation and his fund-raising, hitting aggressive targets on each. And now, race week is finally here. My topical, thematic outline:

Fun - wonder.

Those should get him to the run special needs station at mile 13. From there it is all about:


The pix are from my cabin in Lake Placid. Build in the 20's to house the rich and famous of Albany and NYC temporarily 'vacating' their jobs and cities, I first noticed the bear and then scanned the walls for more. To my amazement, I was staying in a knotty pine menagerie. Who knows when these were done, and by whom.

The wonder factor again.

I am off.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Day 206

350 miles logged today. Most of them in the rain. On an Interstate. Without any decent radio reception. NPR did another nice job on the start of WWI. But I was longing for history on a more personal note.

Had a chance to visit with myself. There are some issues that need resolution.

As always, I think about women in my life. And how I could be so much more to them. If only…..

I think about my status as an independent contractor. A free-lance videographer. What that means. How it plays and my responsibility to my existing clients as well as myself.

To whom do I owe the greater consideration?

When does loyalty play a part?

What, really, is a conflict of interest?

What is the responsibility of a vendor, as compared to an employee?

What morals and integrity surface?

Exclusivity in the age of information?

Whom do I owe what?

And why?

350 miles and no clearer an overall picture. There remains more questions than answers.

One thing is certain.

I will do my best to do my best. If you want me as teammate, say so.

Otherwise, good luck and good bye. I do not have the time, the patience, nor the desire for chicken-shit mediocrity.

We shoot for the moon. Or miss by 350 miles. Like heading for Oregon and ending in Jersey.

Let's count it down.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Day 205, Because 140.7 is silly

Persistence pays.

Got it post, vice the rainy pre. The last shall be first, I once read somewhere.

In the can is the Hollywood vernacular. More accurately is, today, on the hard drive and saved.

Wasn't easy. There was risk. But we made it.

What value in life comes without risk, daring, effort and repeatedly getting off the carpet (floor, parquet or asphalt)?

Best sign of the day:

"Because 140.7 would be silly".


In 10:37.

Nice effort Lake Placid. Thanks.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Day 204

Sometimes you have to fight.

It's not always easy, walking in the park.

If you don't assert yourself, others will assert for you.

Decisions must be made to your highest calling and, in some cases, for your immediate needs.

I will not go quiet into that good night.

You have had your time, your opportunity and your space.

You treated me like a child. You played CEO with my internship.

I trusted you to do what was right and for our respective best interests.

When the going got tough, you bailed.

You kicked me under the fucking Grey Dog.

Still I stayed, hoping that time might provide the revenue and acceptance necessary for a new understanding.

As market share dropped like a brick from a bridge.

Any wonder?

You had your chance, now I have mine.

Good luck, I wish you well.

No hard feelings, but this time I am going to fight.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Day 203

Driving the Ironman Lake Placid bike course this afternoon, trying, in vain, to capture a complete 56 as back-up to Sunday's big event, because the forecast of thunder showers, I listened to an interview on NPR about brain power. Specifically on the percentage we actually use. Rumor and myth put it at around 10%.

But NPR did some research and came up with an author, an expert on the subject, and asked him a few probing questions, which is, of course, their style.

To open they asked him how much of HIS brain he used, and, somewhat unexpectedly, he answered. 100%.

It is a biological function, he explained, for any part of the body to try to find a way to be self sustaining and efficient, in the doing of its job. Or jobs. It, simply, does the best that it can and if measured on these terms, that is 100%.

Cool, I thought.

But it is complex, he continued.

I knew that was on deck.

There is a lot more to it than just trying hard.

Here we go.

So when all this dynamic complexity is scientifically measured in more "useful' terns, it is a safe be to estimate that most people, on good days, that end in a Y, sober, healthy, rested, hydrated, comparatively happy and free….


…probably functionally utilize between 9 and 11%.

A far cry from the 100% we started with.

Must be the aging process.