Monday, September 15, 2014

Day 254 in De Nile

Let's see, yesterday as I was meekly slugging out the 10K, and just after my hip flexors, unable to lift legs high enough to clear some railroad tracks, caused a crash (yes I crashed on the run), I had to laugh at myself.

Dude, you have no business being here racing as if you have been in serious training for the last six months. As the demons danced deliriously I heard some words I often use as encouragement.

Don't try to get it all back at once.
Build slowly.
Stay within yourself.
Pacing is everything.
The mind is willing, but…..

And I laughed some more as the pun evolved with every footstrike.

Ending with:

"My mind was swimming in Kailua Bay but my body was drowning in De Nile."

Sometimes humor helps.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Day 253 Race

It wasn't my fastest.

It wasn't my best.

It certainly wasn't my longest.

But it was.

It was something. A place to start. A reality check. A marker. Some more data.

I probably shouldn't have, considering the dearth of training of late and the fluctuations of my heart rate, but it was a sunny day and the season is rapidly coming to an end. I wanted to race.

By abut mile 5 of the run (it was the Olympic Distance) I had labeled it the three P day.

My swim? Pathetic.

The ride? Painful.

And the run? Piss-poor.

But we got through. And there were moments of bliss during each of the legs. The water was calm, warm and clean. I had open space. Only got run over once. The ride was OK (see photo), rolling hills and one minor climb. I passed maybe thirty folks but got had with less than a mile to go by someone obviously returning the favor. On the run, there was nothing, no stride, no push no endurance and zero power. I even tripped over some RR tracks and did a nice shoulder roll popping up and looking behind to see how many were laughing.

A 3:01 was the tally. We didn't stay for the awards, as if that time warranted a medal. Another two hour drive and we were home, the day in the books.

I am glad we did.

And heart was not an issue until the finish and start of the drive when I had some strobe flashes and extreme fatigue.

We can build from here.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Day 252

Is it becoming a pattern?

Like cool nights and hot days that produce ripe fruit?

I have noticed that usually once a week my symptoms acerbate leaving me with a sole option (assuming I am in a place where the option is an option.)

It happens on a weekend. Last week Saturday in Madison was it. Last night was it here. The option is to lay down, take two anti-acids and an oxycodone-acetaminophen and hope for the best. Usually in 7-9 hours I will be ready to roll. But why the weekend?

Stress? Accumulation of fatigue? Bad diet (eating good on the road is as challenging as a college football away game), or all of the above? It could be the sum. But then why last night?

This, then, is a way to log the occurrences in order to manage them. To pick and choose the cycles of opportunity and exploit them. This is the mood-ring of my data charting.

To test I decided that I am going to race tomorrow.

Hell yeah.

I am in absolutely no shape whatsoever to race, but I don't care. I want to be back out there and mixing it up with reality. I want to say to myself (again) before the first buoy, 'should have hit the pool more',  I want to say (again) on the bike, 'if you are going to have ANY KIND of a decent time, it is here and it is now' and I want to say (once more) during that run, 'keep pushing it is almost done.'

And then I want to have some french toast and coffee and drive home.

THAT is a pattern I can use.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Day 251 Irony

"A fundamental irony rests in the understanding that often I am amazed at how happy I can be despite all this chaos, confusion and carnage."

-RCVman, September 12, Day 251 of 365. It is 68.7% over.

"There is no time to lose."


Thursday, September 11, 2014

Day 250

I guess I have issues.

That run on opposite directions, concurrently.

I was working on an isolated and remote military instillation on this day thirteen years ago. I will never forget the skipper's words as he addressed the base and asked for everyone's focus, finishing with words that sent chills up and down my spine.

He signed off with, "This is not a drill."

What issues, then?

As I consider the terrorist attacks a horrendous example of the complex reality of today's military and industrial world (and continue to have doubts over the honesty and tactics of the former administration), I also believe that instead of hanging banners that proclaim "Never Forget"…

We should do just that.

As in forgive and forget.

Sorry, but this is one of the core principles of several religions, especially the one I consider my own.

It it we feel that the past is indeed the past and doesn't and shouldn't have power over us. The present is reality.

Our only reality.

If you want to carry that hatred and fear and pain forward, be my guest.

But I think as a people we would be much better served to take the lesson and move on.

Never forget?

Whose propaganda slogan is that? Dick Cheney's?

Day 249, Carpe Diem

Man, there has been a lot of shit floating downstream. Looks bad, smells bad. I am not solely in reference to the local picture either, this is global.

People of the world: WTF?

Can we maybe lose some ego for the sake of ONE DAY OF PEACE?

Yo, rich white guys: Do you really think that whomever dies with the most toys wins something?

Hey, lobbyists, politicians and mindless, manipulable minions, look closer at the carnage you all perpetuate for the goal of profit and power.

Oil, tobacco, pharmaceutical and weapons industry: Drop dead.

Media: STFU!

Right wing conservative republicans: Take a pill.

Left wing liberal democrats: Grow a pair.

Police: Target what matters, not what produces revenue.

NFL, NBA, MLB: It's a kids game, not a market to corner.

Wall Street: FOAD.

Women: Be strong.

Men: Be gentle.

Can we have ONE DAY to think about all this please? Can that day be today?

Carpe Diem.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Day 248

Please keep in mind that the "new" format is, foremost and first, a log of my daily dealings with this arrhythmia. It is a way to capture the trends, changing symptoms and my reactions to them. We hope to draw some conclusions as a result of the data and make an educated guess as to future treatment, strategies and tactics.

It is mostly trial and error. In order to glean anything from this, we need to record what it is that we do and what happens when we do it.

Tonight, after six days on the road and nary a workout, I returned to the PB and slugged out a 2x20 set. It was OK, all things considered, with the notable exception that my HR was up about 25 beats, averaging 150 instead of last weeks 125. Hummmm.

Lack of consistency? Three hours sleep? Diet?

Don't know. Perhaps because of insufficient data, after all the sample size is small. Tomorrow will be a much better indication as we return to Super Eights in the morning and I will try to back that up with another 2x20 set twelve hours later.

Should be fun.

I am also adding magnesium and iron supplements.

Bottom line here, is that although this is about as exciting as watching an Ironman (most boring spectator sport ever created) it is something that I must do.

Otherwise its a flimsy wool blanket of random chaos.

Every one in a while I'll try to toss in some humor, or drama, or cheap sensationalism, or gratuitous sex. Maybe that would work.

Or not.

Meanwhile I need some sleep. ciao