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Monday, February 12, 2018

Go Get 'Em

The plethora of activities one could preform by noon today, would (should?) include the three categories considered by many to be of priority status. Assuming that the 'vital basics' of food, shelter and clothing are satisfied, where do we go from there? Community, safely, security, education, meaningful (and successful) employment, family. All noble. However, this fine winter Monday morning I would like to present three wholesome and valuable activities for your consideration. Because they fit the requirements necessary for balanced participation in our chaotic world of the current age, aka today, more specifically, now.

Right now.

Three things one can do in preparation for the larger, more demanding tests of 'later today' are these:

1) Before your feet hit the carpet, count breaths. One to ten, deeply inhaling and calmly exhaling. Our fickle, trickster minds will wander like Kwai Chang Caine through the desert, so when you find yourself in 1849 San Francisco digging for the instant gratification of striking it rich bring your thoughts back to the mother-lode of your breaths. That is where the gold is. It may take a while a first (it takes a while now) but the practice is invaluable to calming the mind and developing inner peace. How cool to make this ritual habitual grasshopper.

2) Get your blood flowing. Exercise can be intense or meditative. We, me and Spike the dog, walked this morning (after counting) well before sunrise. It was brisk and clear. As Spike searched for empty soup cans in the neighbors trash, I watched the stars sparkle. In twenty minutes Junior and I will do yoga, stretch, and lift. At 0845 I will have the pleasure of leading a spin class at our club. Dynamic blood flow, cardiovascular development and muscle enhancement. Truly critical for current health and fitness as well as future mobility, flexibility and the defense against the ravages that time extols on us all.

3) Do something creative. I write. As a discipline. I realize I make mistakes, but every time I sit and add this unassuming font to a blank screen, something larger than my ego assists. It is something I must do. Same with video, same with screen writing. If one can consider this tiny duty art, why not make everything we do in the creative imperative?

There are three. Try them and see. Count your breaths, take a walk, lift some weights, mix it up in spin class, start your bio or take some pictures. The art of your life includes balanced elements of mind, body and spirit.

Go get 'em. Share results. Be kind.