Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Gone Phishin'

Since 2007 I have attempted to make a post every day. On the good days, on the bad, on the ones between. For the record there were 1761 of them. It has been fun. It has also been a monumental challenge. Things are again in flux. I need some time to sort "things" out. I feel like I owe an explanation of sorts. My body is hurt. My soul is wounded and my mind struggling simply to keep somewhere near the here. I have no idea as to the time. It may be later than I thought.

So I plead for your forgiveness and understanding as I embark on a sabbatical to re-set the spiritual. There was a time when I thought I had this fine tapestry under control. There was a time when I felt in control of the dynamic fluctuations of life's complexity. That rug seems pulled from under my feet. I seek a safe harbor from which to temporarily set a new tact.

I need some time in the sun. I need some peace. Priorities need to be addressed. I need a new game plan and I refuse to whine about how close the last one came to both fruition, validation and smashing success.

Life goes on. I lost. So what. Who cares?

I guess I do. I still feel a responsibility to me. To my spirit and soul. I just need this time to rally and heal up. Nurse some wounds. R & R. Chill. I may be back. Maui for five short days should tell.

Thank you for your support. Thank you for sharing. Thank you for the exchange. I hope we can do it again someday soon. Peace.

RCVman, out for now.