Friday, September 26, 2014

Day 265, 100 to go!

After a wonderful dinner with friends last night, another grease-fest for breakfast with sister Kathy and a 150 mile escape from DC, I ended up, once again at the water's edge, the right coast, Atlantic Ocean.

I am not going to go into the details, the debate that swirls around the difference between the Oceans, here, but I soon will. Because there were guys out there actually trying to surf these wind-blown, choppy, closed-out, white-caps they (I am sure) call waves. But I applaud their efforts.

After shooting some b-roll I drove another 80 or so miles back to the motel. Where I now sit with a small cheese pizza and a quart of Modelo, charging batteries and downloading media in preparation for tomorrow's main event. And judging from the expo and number of bikes on cars I saw coming and going on US 50, it should be a great day. They are even calling for sun and 80 degrees (after morning fog.)

I am going to my upgraded King bed early tonight because tomorrow is going to be a long one.

Sandwiched between the century ride (in Maryland) and half-iron tri (in Georgia and South Carolina) the Huskies open Pac-12 play against defending P12N Champions, the Stanford Cardinal. Whom I respect, but still hate. Unlike Oregon whom I hate with nothing but passion (although Mariotta is fucking good.)

Our true nature as a team, our chemistry, our attitude and the tenor for the remainder of the season rests on this game. It is, as they sat, HUGE.

And I am going to miss it.

Unless I luck out and finish filming early, navigate the 150 back to Dulles, and score some free wi-fi to watch on-line until departure time.

That would be cool. Woof!

Dawgs (call me Homer) 13, Trees 10.

One hundred days to go!

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