Friday, September 5, 2014

Day 243

I suppose you could call this a wasted day. I spent it at airports. There were delays, glitches and more errors than committed by the Chicago Cubs all of last season.

At present I sit in Chicago waiting for the last flight to Madison, which is scheduled to leave in three hours.

I started in Seattle at 0430 this morning.

As always seems to be the case, when the frustration factor nears the summit, the avalanche danger intensifies. At the exact moment when things need to speed up, they seem to slow down. I had 45 minutes to check one bag, clear TSA and walk to the gate. Cake.

But the United reps put on a stall routine and by the time I got to an agent, the bird had flown.

Good news was that I got a standby seat on the next flight and had the pleasure of sitting next to Husky QB legend Brock Huard. (pic to follow tomorrow as I am charging by iPhone battery).

Then the dreaded two full flights, one delay, one late crew and one grounded aircraft.

Here I sit.

I suppose you could call it a wasted day, but I am 100 pages into a good read, just had a cheap egg & cheese sandwich and called the motel and RAC where they both said, no problem we'll see ya at midnight.

I also have the story of Brock. And that is cool.

Pic is from a year ago as we opened the PowerBarn. From nothing to something.

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