Monday, September 1, 2014

Day 240

We worked on finding our limiters this morning. The things that keep you from your goals. The weak link in your kinetic chain.

For some it might be strength. They are lucky. It is an 'easy' fix. Lift weights. Improve your power. Get stronger.

For others it might be speed. The ability to generate frequent repetitions. Picking them up and laying them down. Cadence. There is an easy fix there as well. Practice it. Do it for five seconds and as we adapt, add time. Before you know it you'll look like the son of Road Runner.

Endurance>Training consistency.
Balance> Practice extremes.
Explosive power>Do it.

But the one area we discussed as being perhaps the most important of all, and the least understood and therefore rarely practiced, it the one centered around our gray matter.

The ability to stay focused. To remain in the moment when everything, including your body and the 'Voice of Manny' screams for you to stop.

We spun at high cadence this morning for thirty seconds with the music off to illustrate the difficulty in doing this. Immediately I was amazed at how loud the fans were. But then I found a comfortable groove and orchestrated a melody of movement that was very precise in its nomenclature. I was in the moment. A satori of sustainable high output. It was fine. And not the OK, fine.

With the power of this drill casting light-beam prisms of success on the heads-up display of my delicate psyche, I wondered if this has been the weak link all along? Since the very first day that I stood from my knees and stumbled towards balance and flow?

Maybe it's the head and not the heart. Left isn't the ONLY direction to turn sometimes.

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