Sunday, September 21, 2014

Day 260 and I am Happy

Not what I was hoping for, but…..

My run this morning was weak..but over an hour.

My test of the functions of the Canon Vixia were not spectacular…but conducted.

My proposal was drafted and edited…but it needs more work.

My clean-up of the garage and shed are done…but I still want out of the outrageously expensive storage unit.

My thoughts on the Huskies performance yesterday continue…but I am thinking we will need some breaks versus Stanford.

The Cougars played a great game against Oregon last night…but fell just short of a MAJOR upset.

I continue to seek a place for my RV…as soon as I buy one. Which could be tomorrow.

I don't know why the Garmin has stopped communicating with all three of my computers…but I know the data is there.

I have some of the logistical challenges for the BI Row-Ride event solved…but there remains at least 25 more.

I have tons left to do prior to heading to DC on Wednesday…but a ton has been done.

Have been having irritating issues with hypotension...but I am still standing.

The water is cold and refreshing…but I can't wait for a beer.

They are not what I had hoped for…but they are all something.

And I am happy for what I have.

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