Saturday, September 6, 2014

Day 245

Long day. We shot a 25 mile club ride at 0800. The small but talented group is shown at left. Many thanks to the folks at SBR coaching. I think the video will be colorful and fun.

I rode the 50cc scooter back to the motel, for re-load and get to the expo by noon.

We finished the promo.

Headed back to the motel to outfit the scooter and test some video shot with the new Glide-Cam apparatus. It is in render.

Made a few adjustments to the scooter.

Had an omelet.

Got caught up with the Husky post-game banter. Another nail-bitter thriller.

It is 2000 and I have a 0400 wake up call.

I must trust the bike leg guys to have marked the couple of new changes to the course so I can see them in time.

As I am the media leader. First. There is no margin for error. I must be perfect.

And the gas gauge is broken on the scooter.

Should be interesting.

They always are.

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