Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Day 263

Two hour layovers are perfect for this. Sitting on the carpet by the power outlet. And since I get to DC very late, have to get the car and drive to my sister's condo (where she has promised a hot meal and cld beer), the time is ripe to:

For those of you who have been following along these 263 consecutive blogging days, you know how vitally important this streak is to me. Not because I have a compelling story to tell, or have something dramatic to say, or even that I want to practice some craftsmanship towards continual improvement of the writing craft, but because…

I said on January first that I was going to make a blog post every day for the entirety of 2014.

For reasons that I find strangely empowering. I like the discipline. I like the challenge. I like making something out of nothing. Something in the way this moves me.

We did another, our third of eight, set of Super Eights this morning. They are hard. I gave my best effort keeping an alternating eye on the power meter and my heart rate monitor. They have a direct relationship. I felt good throughout the drill, but once out of shower, down highway and on-board ferry, things got a little weird.

I have been hearing strange noises inside my ears of late. Not the high pitched tintinitis, but a mid-range hum, like sitting beside the freeway for an hour. My vision seem to be fading as well. I am about half way through Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand (soon to be a major picture) and had to adjust book distance several times from Seattle to Denver. At least I am not having to endure what Louie Zamperini did. This seems like a party by comparison.

Alright, I need to stretch some. Going to pack up and take a walk through this disaster of an airport. Oh, and speaking of which, have you flown Frontier? Tell me about this a la carte baggage stuff please. A regular fast-food airlines.

Belch. I'd rather swim with sharks.

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