Saturday, September 20, 2014

Day 259 with the Dawgs

Well heck.

We had a great 90 minute session this morning. I did some prep work to test new camera mounts. The sun came out.

So I decided to treat myself to the game.

What a beautiful (almost) fall afternoon at Husky Stadium. The most breathtaking place to watch a game in all of college football, especially when you score a free ticket.

Not that Georgia State was going to make it a memorable contest (as they did) but I wanted to get out and be a part of the energy and pageantry that is found only at a NCAAF game in this stunning venue.

I had a blast. I love spending the day rooting for my Dawgs, soaking the rays and watching the OMG foxiest co-eds on the planet.

I was thinking to myself during the Huskies 45 point outpouring in the second half, that I have no idea how college kids (men) learn anything with that distraction. WOOF!

I have most of tomorrow's work lined out and ready to go. It isn't often that I get to root for the Cougars, but tonight, go get 'em Crimson.

Was a good day. 45-14 and for the second year in a row, we start 4 and 0!

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