Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Day 248

Please keep in mind that the "new" format is, foremost and first, a log of my daily dealings with this arrhythmia. It is a way to capture the trends, changing symptoms and my reactions to them. We hope to draw some conclusions as a result of the data and make an educated guess as to future treatment, strategies and tactics.

It is mostly trial and error. In order to glean anything from this, we need to record what it is that we do and what happens when we do it.

Tonight, after six days on the road and nary a workout, I returned to the PB and slugged out a 2x20 set. It was OK, all things considered, with the notable exception that my HR was up about 25 beats, averaging 150 instead of last weeks 125. Hummmm.

Lack of consistency? Three hours sleep? Diet?

Don't know. Perhaps because of insufficient data, after all the sample size is small. Tomorrow will be a much better indication as we return to Super Eights in the morning and I will try to back that up with another 2x20 set twelve hours later.

Should be fun.

I am also adding magnesium and iron supplements.

Bottom line here, is that although this is about as exciting as watching an Ironman (most boring spectator sport ever created) it is something that I must do.

Otherwise its a flimsy wool blanket of random chaos.

Every one in a while I'll try to toss in some humor, or drama, or cheap sensationalism, or gratuitous sex. Maybe that would work.

Or not.

Meanwhile I need some sleep. ciao

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