Friday, September 5, 2014

Day 244

Seriously, I like to travel.

It's so full of adventure.

Especially when you do it on the cheap.

I just spent 20 minutes with the front desk in heated debate about WiFi. It is $2.99 a day. No it's not says I.

Yes it is, says them.

You got my $237.50 for four days in a sty, gimme a break.

Why, rules is rules?

Not when I negotiate, they ain't. (smiling broadly)

Why should we? (softening)

Because I know you have an override function that allows free access, so please use it and I will be your friend instead of your foe. Do we need to talk about the door lock and the carpet? (grinning)

No. (defeated)

Thank you. (seriously)

Really, I love to travel.

Just NEVER use Budget Rent A Car. Ever. Walk first.

These small things I never forget.

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