Monday, September 15, 2014

Day 254 in De Nile

Let's see, yesterday as I was meekly slugging out the 10K, and just after my hip flexors, unable to lift legs high enough to clear some railroad tracks, caused a crash (yes I crashed on the run), I had to laugh at myself.

Dude, you have no business being here racing as if you have been in serious training for the last six months. As the demons danced deliriously I heard some words I often use as encouragement.

Don't try to get it all back at once.
Build slowly.
Stay within yourself.
Pacing is everything.
The mind is willing, but…..

And I laughed some more as the pun evolved with every footstrike.

Ending with:

"My mind was swimming in Kailua Bay but my body was drowning in De Nile."

Sometimes humor helps.

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