Thursday, September 11, 2014

Day 249, Carpe Diem

Man, there has been a lot of shit floating downstream. Looks bad, smells bad. I am not solely in reference to the local picture either, this is global.

People of the world: WTF?

Can we maybe lose some ego for the sake of ONE DAY OF PEACE?

Yo, rich white guys: Do you really think that whomever dies with the most toys wins something?

Hey, lobbyists, politicians and mindless, manipulable minions, look closer at the carnage you all perpetuate for the goal of profit and power.

Oil, tobacco, pharmaceutical and weapons industry: Drop dead.

Media: STFU!

Right wing conservative republicans: Take a pill.

Left wing liberal democrats: Grow a pair.

Police: Target what matters, not what produces revenue.

NFL, NBA, MLB: It's a kids game, not a market to corner.

Wall Street: FOAD.

Women: Be strong.

Men: Be gentle.

Can we have ONE DAY to think about all this please? Can that day be today?

Carpe Diem.

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