Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Last Day.81

I haven't "celebrated" New Year's Eve since 1979 or so. Just another day. One more spectacular sunrise. Plus, I don't need a reason to get any more silly than I already am.

My uncle Fred once commented that I shouldn't drink because I was dull enough sober.

For reasons that should be glaringly apparent, I have never forgotten his astute observation.

For whatever reasons, the heart thing, the aging process, my tolerance to minor unpleasantness, I have had to closely monitor both the speed and volume of my consumption. Right now I am nursing a headache on the starboard side that runs from temple to toe. This quasi-agony despite the warfarin, amiodorone and two ibuprofen.

Oh well.

I must be getting soft.

I do, however, take great pleasure in the after-workout beer we have come to use as a reward for a spin-set in the PB. Nothing tastes finer upon completion of 45 minutes of precision studio cycling. True, it is very Pavlovian but we could do a lot worse, or a lot less, to balance casual input with effectual out.

So I will try to do something wholesome and constructive tonight. After all we have a spin class at 0845 tomorrow and I preached the value of a good start in this morning's class.

And with some additional sobering news, after a long and honest review, I have decided to continue this madness anther year. After all, over the course of the last 365 days we have successfully increased readership by over 200%. How could I ever pull the plug on that level of achievement? Who knows maybe in the coming 365 we could do what everybody else seems to be doing and ask for your financial support to keep us going. I did the math and if every reader pledged a mere $2,500 I could justify the immense time demands that this blog requires on a daily basis.

How's that for dull?

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Anonymous said...

Well, I certainly hope it is not the "last day". Happy New Year, pal.