Friday, December 5, 2014

Day 335.56, Merry

The Holiday Season is upon us. Can't get too far from home without hearing 'one of those songs'. Oh well. Things could be worse.

We could be witnessing full-on riots as a result of all the racial tension brought about by police miss use of power.

We could be in a nuclear war with any number of different radial groups.

Gas could be $4/gal.

Global warming could have us all racing to the highest peak to avoid tsunamis, earthquakes and floods.

Health care could be unaffordable.

Social Security could go bankrupt.

A wicked virus could invade all computer life rendering us virtually impotent.

We could live under the rule of some hybrid-fascist monarchy.

And Oregon could win the Pac-12 Championship. Against the South Champion Arizona Wildcats, a team we crushed for 59 minutes and then allowed them a last second field-goal for the win

We finished strong against OSU and WSU and have some decent momentum heading into whatever minor bowl will invite us, most likely the Cactus Bowl in Tempe. And I am still excited to watch one more game from this group of Dawgs. It has been another roller-coaster of a year, we had our moments and managed to win more than we lost. Will we be better nest year?

I hope so. But then again I aspire for world peace and global harmony.

'Tis the Season.

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