Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Day 351.73 Smile!

With very few exceptions, everything I do…I could do better.

Since we are steamrolling up the hill to a new year, I think it a good exercise to consider (one step away from a resolution) where we could, and more importantly HOW we could, do some, if not all, of those things better. Let us snapshot.

How we do anything better is the matter of great debate, however there are commonalities requisite for whatever path of enlightenment we choose. You can pray for it, chant for it, meditate upon it. More materially you can buy it, rent it or lease it. I guess I could commute 'better' in a Tesla, but that is not my meaning.

I am much more interested in the prerequisites listed first. I pray every day by way of gratitude and attention. I chant every day by way of singing the song of my heart and I meditate every day on the 'meaning' of it all (or the lack thereof.)

When all this is rendered down it leaves two clear and precise elements necessary for 'betterment'.

1) Fine tune awareness. There isn't a single thing that cannot be improved by the dedicated focus of awareness. It has been suggested that energy flows where your awareness goes. Send it lazer-like towards everything that you beam into your life. Stay awake. Do more than look; See, feel and taste. This is a miraculous place simply awaiting your attention to transform. I WILL ADD AN ADDITIONAL MEASURE OF AWARENESS TO MY PERSONAL MIX OF EXPERIENCE.

2) Gratitude. I am the first one to admit that sometimes things are, shall we say, painful? There is a reason. We may not yet understand it, by there is, there always is, a bigger plan. Life isn't supposed to be fair. We are born by our nature to face suffering and eventual death. If you live long enough disease will surely come your way. There is no logical reason why someone who uses the body as much as I do should end up being betrayed by it. I WILL BE HUMBLE AND HAPPY THAT I AM HERE, NOW, TO EXPERIENCE ALL THIS, GOOD & BAD, PLEASURE & PAIN, SUNSHINE & RAIN.

I truly think that if I am able to up my game in these two areas, awareness and gratitude, everything else will subsequently and harmoniously fall into place. Or, a touch more banally, there is only one rule:

DON'T BE AN ASSHOLE. From there the rest is easy.

Say cheese!

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