Friday, December 12, 2014

Day 342.62 Conflict

Conflict resolution.

I suppose, much like everything else, there are folks who are good at it and others who are not.

I am squarely in the latter camp.

I am quick to anger, quick to judge and even quicker to shoot from the hip. We have issues? See you at High Noon.

I understand that practice would help, and Lord knows I have been getting lots lately, and I may be improving slightly, but it never feels right.

Feels more like I have won a race by exploiting the rules, taking advantage of a situation for personal gain. I feel a smaller person results from the exchange instead of the growth opportunity so readily at hand.

Compromise, a win-win, fairness, justice, common sense, peace, wholesome but rare.

Somebody feels wronged, fights back, seeks mediation.

I suppose if the mediator is 100% objective it can work, but when was the last time you asked the opinion of a person meeting that criteria?

Seems resolution creates more conflict, a deeper more complex resentment for the other party.

Is this human nature, like that horrid slogan asking that we never forget 911?

I don't like being in the middle. I much prefer to make my own decisions and live with the consequences; Do this - get that. Eat well and exercise - be healthy. Think positive thoughts - become happy. Work hard - sleep well. Fly in formation - be one with others.

I am in the vise. The yin is pushing and the yang pulling. Unreasonable people acting like children deprived of candy. Counsel to one acts like counter intelligence, spy vs spy.

I will carry on as best I can. After all I was the one who volunteered to do the one thing everyone told me not to do.

I tried to help the innocent.

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