Sunday, December 21, 2014

Day 349.71 as portmanteau

With all due respect to linguists everywhere, I am fond of their term for "joining two distinctly different persons, places or things together to form a word containing the combined definition and meaning of each."

You will no doubt quickly see through the smoke and mirrors of this camera obscura to find the term known as a portmanteau.

With my favorite portmanteau being the one that your humble servant created while in the endorphin fueled state of anaerobic intoxication.

Having nothing to do with wine, my port is the most sober and staid synergy of the two elements crucial in the achievement of our health and fitness goals, as pursued by our indoor training.

The word is technitude.

One part technique and one part attitude.

We need to bring as much 'good and proper form' to our exercise as possible, this being the technique part of the word with equal parts attitude, a condition that should go without additional verbiage.

You put these two together and you are on to something. A legitimate portmanteau if ever there was one.

Like edutainment. Or like moving into a new space as farrago of karma and opportunity.


Anonymous said...

Okay, so you're 10 days away from the big 365. I thought I'd fill you in on exactly why your current number is 349.71 instead of 355.71.(not that it really matters, of course). Here goes: You listed 2/28 and 3/01 as both Day 59(-1). You skipped 4/29 altogether(-2). You made 7/01 and 7/02 both Day 180(-3). You made 8/18 and 8/19 both Day 227(-4). Finally, on 12/18 you listed it as Day 348 but then listed 12/19 as Day 347 a second time and then on 12/20 listed it as Day 348 a second time(-6). So, in actuality, today should have been 355.71(+6). The good news is that the decimal number is absolutely correct.

KML5 said...

The decimal number is what counts, without it I am nothing!!!! Thanks for doing the detective work for me. You deserve a gold star.