Thursday, December 25, 2014

Day 353.75 What if?

Merry Christmas to all. Read this morning that the reason why this day is celebrated with so much gusto and respect is that so many of us want give love and get love. Pretty cool and I agree with all the regularity that my heart can muster.

Also on the 'what I heard or read' list is this zinger:

'How you do one thing is how you do everything.' Wowza. After a thorough review I take this to mean things other than talents, propensities or vocations. As an e.g. everyone knows that I play the guitar WAY better than I play the cello. That isn't the point, same way that those that I have had the honor to compete with know that I ride and run WAY better than I swim. No, what I believe the author to be saying is that effort, passion, dedication, awareness and discipline are just as necessary in making your bed each day as they are in penning an award winning novella.

This certainly holds true with our training. Train like you race is another adage that pops to mind. Practice makes perfect, er, perfect practice makes perfect, yet another cliched example. You have heard all this before, but maybe with a closer examination we can find ways to improve. I know I can.

With this in mind we head intrepidly into the last week of 2014. We will examine the past, stay present and look towards the future. There will be goals. There should be dreams. While I will stop just short of asking for the bucket list, we should set our seasonal sights on what we most want to accomplish in 2015. And commit to taking that magical path one day at a time.

Asking yet another question.

What if? What if I ride up that hill with more (wind) power?

What if we did all of the above; Giving as much love as we take, mindfully and perfectly practicing everything with focus and joy. What would happen? How would it change things? Is there a more noble and courageous challenge?

What if.

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