Monday, December 22, 2014

Day 350.72 a Box of Rain

Just a minor inconvenience.

Drove to the 'office' this morning with a squishy right front. Not a lot of options if the Ranger wasn't  going to get me there. My fixie is also nursing a similar condition and besides I needed to get there a LOT faster than it would take me to ride in the dark without a headlight.

She started to pull to the right indicating that I was losing air at a rapid pace. But we were making progress and I vowed that until I saw actual sparks fly we would press onward. I sigh in relief as we pull into the usual spot next to the dumpster. Irony mixed with resignation.

She would need emergency road care.

This is, as you might have guessed, where the fun begins. I walk into the warmth of the club, check in, head into the locker room. Where I vow that I will not allow the thoughts of 'why' creep into consciousness at any time over the course of the next hour. It is, after all, one of the main tenants of our sessions; Focus on the now. Allowing my predicament to affect my workout would be very similar to having sex with Jane while thinking about Julie. 'Be the now' I pledge, starting down the hall and into the cycling studio.

I start the session with the first song, a deeply spiritual and beautiful ballad called Box of Rain, penned by Phil Lesh and preformed by the Grateful Dead from their seminal county-rock-folk album American Beauty.

I almost cry. I have so many good memories of this album. And although it is not a classic spin tune, I selected it as lead-off hitter last night because of the happiness tone it resonates with passion and honesty, two qualities very high on my values list.

Almost 50 minutes later I laugh out loud. The flat tire and its subsequent  grease under fingernail labor pops into the forefront of my mind. I almost made it the entire session and smile with the echoing words of Dan Millman who once said that anything less than the end of the world in simply a minor inconvenience.

"Such a long, long time to be gone, and a short time to be there."

NOTE: Somebody did a lot of homework for me yesterday combing the entire year to find the discrepancy in my Days vs actual. I appreciate this effort immensely. If you are interested in seeing EXACTLY where I have errored, please see yesterdays comments. Thanks anonymous!

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