Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Day 340.60

Seems as how I now have a few HOURS suddenly available (computer issues) thought I might get the daily blog post done.

What has changed since yesterday?


Did things get better or worse?

Time will tell, with the a 50% chance.

Did I stay true to myself and place the higher good/bigger picture at the forefront of debate?

Yes (most of the time.)

Was there something I could have done with more grace?


Did I learn (finally) that lesson?

I hope so.

The quick to answer with volume and vulgarity one?

Yes, that one.

Did I go to bed happy?


Did I sleep well?


Was early morning exercise today conducted with equal degrees of balance, élan, focus and intensity?

Without question.

Was it perfect?

No, doesn't have to be, it simply is.

Was there continual improvement?


How is the pacer/meds issue trending (a question asked twice)?

Good. I am gaining strength and stamina with each passing day. The side effects of dizziness, fatigue, brainfog and syncope are receding like the tidal flow of Puget Sound.

Did you get the shopping done?

Yes. (see photo)

What is wrong with your computer?

Haven't a clue.

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