Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Day 358.80 Don

In our marketing meeting this afternoon we brilliantly deduced that what we need is maximum exposure at minimal cost.

Which is very much like saying all I want is to be happy, debt-free, safe and secure behind the wheel of a paid for, dependable, economical and stylish new car.

On almost every campaign I have ever been a part of, this was the case. The one exception being a flawlessly executed gorilla promo we did for Nike one year in Kona. Other than that, this is of course, what EVERYBODY wants.

What we do central to its success. We need a plan. From where do they come? Is there a bank somewhere we can take a promo-loan at five or so percent? Where do the big guys, the agencies, get their ideas? Aisle 29 at Home Depot?

You know where.

We sit (sometimes walk, cycle or swim) with the goal on the right side of the brain and the strategy, tactics and theme on the other.

With practice, with a confluence of confidence and with a little cosmic inspiration (remember the maximum exposure part) an idea, as campaign starts to emerge.

And then it gathers momentum as the myriad elements magically fall into place. Then all you need to add is the budget to make it happen. How easy is that? (Don Draper might say.)

I was reminded of this twice (so far) today. Once was the obvious think-tank with the client and the other something I heard long ago (also at this time of year) and read again this morning with coffee. In its broad reaching message, one applicable to both marketeers and athletes on the cusp on pulling the trigger on a game plan for the coming year, it goes something like this:


I really like that one.

Maximum exposure at minimal cost as proxy for audacity and fearless execution.

Are we ready?

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