Thursday, December 18, 2014

Day 348.68

Spent the day under surveillance at the medical center. We did some tests, tweaked the pacer and exchanged antidotes. I am amazed at the technology that goes into all this. Seriously. We tried no less than than three times to avert the A-Fib, once to ablate and then decided (I had a vote, but deferred) to slice and dice, add the pacer. We downloaded all the data from the last 45 days and it appear that the combination of electronic stimulation, regulating the rate, and the amiodorone/warafin combination has kept me in sinus rhythm with impressive consistency.

But wait, it gets better. After my narrative on the symptoms and the sorry saga of the last two weeks, the assistant MD suggested that we tweak the pacer. So she hooks me up with a sensor and changes the range on the lower end to 70BPM adding ten to the regulation. I say, 'what about sleep?'. She responds with the information that we can tweak that too, how about 50BPM between 2200 and 0500?

You can do that?



After the visit it was time for the Thursday workout where I very attentively preformed a 2x20 set at 180 watts. HR was around 120 for both sets. It was hard but OK.

We had a low-key Christmas Party after featuring pizza, hummus, cookies and exotic beers.

After a drive home in the pouring rain, I sit pondering the reality that I am no longer in charge. It is all electronic. I have been programmed. Daily I consume medicine that keeps me from arrhythmia and stroke. I cannot go too low with heart rate. I am programmed to sleep between very precise hours. Everything is recorded.

I am not sure I like that. It is very big brother-ish.

But I suppose it is better than the alternative.

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