Monday, December 8, 2014

Day 338.58 Fat Man

Good news all the way around today. After a couple of sleepless nights, creating weary days, I got in a good one last night. Highlighted by my last thirty minutes in deep REM where I opened Little Feat's Fat Man in the Bathtub seriously hammering on my flat bar and tire iron. Even Lowell smiled at the groove (PLEASE see link.) I woke feeling artistically satisfied and thoroughly refreshed.

Which led to the pre-dawn ritual of making coffee, packing my spin-kit du jour and heading South on Hwy 305. We executed a masterful and challenging spin set and then it was over to Junior's for another morning ritual the 'off to school hug.'

As I spent the bulk of yesterday afternoon reassembling my computer in order to get back to editing, I was amazed at how the combination of a fast processor, a robust library of HD footage and the creative zeal allowed a quick, and hopefully entertaining video assembly.

As I relayed to an old friend yesterday, the pacer, now a day away from its two month birthday, is doing a great job. Most of the time. When not working (is it IT or me?) I feel faint, dizzy and on the verge of syncope (sin-Ko-pea). I must accept that fact that we are now one. When they say that you cannot have one without the other (yin & yang) this truth is painfully obvious. Yet I resist, still referring to it as merely an inexpensive foreign object inserted in my chest by skilled medical technicians to regulate my heart rate. Whoa! Silly grasshopper.

Maybe if I stop thinking about death so much it would put me in a more positive state of mind and dial-up the creative imperative setting to maximum.

Is that too much to ask?

It is not.

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