Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Day 346.66

Here we are. Victorious at the finish line.

Everybody likes lists. They are a quick read, concise and sometimes thought provoking. They can be silly as well. We listers take our chances and roll the dice. What is there to lose? I decided to do mine by month. Covering each up to this point.

Without additional ah, do-do, here are the twelve items I have gleaned from my day timer that represent each month's high (or low) lights.

JANUARY - Despite numerous tests and rests, I stayed consistent with spinning and running, posting a PW (personal worst) 5K time of 32:41.

FEBRUARY - Switched cardiology Docs and made the HUGE decision to sell the cabin.

MARCH - Was victim of locker room theft. What I once thought I had, was no more. The big yard sale went down.

APRIL - After thirty years, I voluntarily drove down the dirt lane with the cabin in rear-view mirror. Shot Austin, TX bike course.

MAY - Shot St. George, UT course. Made beer.

JUNE - Competed in the Blue Lake Triathlon, Atlantic City shoot.

JULY - Cardio aversion procedure (failed) Vineman triathlon shoot.

AUGUST - Obtained moto endorsement. Back to Lake Placid. Cardio ablation procedure (failed). Another cardio aversion (failed).

SEPTEMBER - Back to Madison ,WI. DC, Cambridge, Augusta shoots.

OCTOBER - Had the pacemaker installed (successful) and bought the RV to celebrate.

NOVEMBER -  Junior & George's B-Days and movie spin in PB.

DECEMBER - Well here we are. As I am fond of saying in response to questions of my health, "I'm still here."

I will additionally resolve to make the twelve in 2015 a touch less dramatic and a pinch more adventurous.

I there a better time and place to start?

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