Monday, December 29, 2014

Day 357.79 as a Musician

If you are a musician, you are familiar with the phrase.

Represents a repeat, that more practice is necessary to achieve improvement.

There is a paucity of flow, something in there, somewhere, needs the attention vital for the seamless transition that the author obviously had in mind when she penned the piece.

There is opportunity.

There is hope.

There is the yang of dedication and the yin of devotion required to move closer to (musical) enlightenment.

There is love. For we simply do not spend precious time on activities for which we have no passion.

If you are a musician you know how to focus and relax, for these states allow the tonal dynamic and vibratory clarity to emerge. You know about fast, but not too fast. You know that you shouldn't be sharp or flat, but natural (sorry.)

If you are a musician you know about magic. You know how to communicate. You know the accents, the subtle changes in pitch, time and feel. You know the true meaning of listening. You both hear and feel what your band mates are saying in response to your notes. You give of yourself to be led and you crave the crescendo. 

You know the absolute and frightening nirvana of the solo. You eventually learn that there is no place to hide. You know the route to Carnegie Hall.

You know that beginnings are just as important as endings. Your experience has provided a wisdom that allows the middle to play itself as present between past and future. You respect the now. You are truly here.

There are enough metaphors connecting music to athletics that for the sake of brevity I will end them here.

With one last phrase to conduct us from the rehearsal of 2014 to the recital of 2015. You know the phrase.


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