Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Day 352.74

Looks like we're aimed at finishing (the year) with gusto.

As should be.

It has been a rough couple of weeks, heart wise. Mysterious (?) chest pains are now stinging like angry wasps. Last night as I laid in a strange, comfortable and cozy, bed (I am house sitting) the combination of pressure, aches, sharp pings and the adjacent fear that accompanies, kept me awake most of the night. This has been rather regular occurrence for at least three weeks. Last week at checkup, the nurse was underwhelmed and nonplussed by this news. You have chest pains? You have gone through some serious stuff, three aversions, an ablation and the insertion of a pacemaker over the last year, what did you expect, silly boy, a miracle?

Well, kind of, yes. At least the cessation of pain and anguish. Wasn't the sum of all that activity and medical technology, plus the pharmaceuticals and passage of time supposed to, at least, allow the occasional rapid movement of eye? At the VERY least? Well, we'll tweak the pacer parameters and see if that helps any.

It has not.

But we mustn't tarry, as there is not a moment to lose. Pragmatically meaning that if that aforementioned strong finish (not the metaphorical one) is to be flawlessly executed, or even stumbled through, there will be no rest for the weary.

I must empty my storage unit, move the important stuff (?) to the new place, store the rest in the RV, move it into storage and set up shop in the little house. All by Dec. 31, now a not-so-distant seven days away.

As long as I keep after it we should be able to meet the deadline, and thus save me $125 in storage fees (all goals are not created equal.)

So here we go. I am off again down the highway of new adventure. I wish I would learn the lesson of light living as well as I have learned the lesson of light traveling.

Pack light. Always.

And finish strong.

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