Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Day 333.54 Pizza

Let's face it, most of us LOVE to eat. Even us vegetarians enjoy their favorites as often as possible. I am, however, a sweet freak. I love sugar in its myriad forms of disguise. Like pancakes. Like doughnuts. Like pies. OMG!


If we want to finish an endurance event with any modicum of speed and/or prowess, one must visit the orthodontist on a regular basis to have the sweet tooth checked.

I have heard on many an occasion something like this: "I can eat whatever I want because I exercise every day."

Yes, you can, but you will sooner or later lose the war. There comes a time when metabolism and age overpower the benefits of exercise and absorb all excess into the bodega of the gut. You will enter the wheel and tire business; No wheels with overstock of spare tires.

As we age up we must get smarter about this. We must make solid nutrition choices and give the DQs and local bakeries a wide berth. Or that is exactly what we will end up with.

Therefore, to assist you in the Battle of the Bulge, I (freely) offer the following advice:

DO work out every day.
DO drink plenty of water.
DO eat as healthy as you can.
Adding more fruits and veggies in place of you know what.
Do NOT make a habit of dessert.
Do NOT make a habit of fast foods.
Do NOT live on burgers and beer.
Do NOT eat an entire pizza in one sitting (no matter how good.)
Do NOT forget about portion control.
Do NOT eat crap in a bag (chips, cookies, candy)

That is about it. The more you do one, the easier the other becomes. Work hard and eat well.

One last thing:


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