Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Day 339.59 ???

Again I write in the attempt to clarify. For myself. To me. I know that when I write it is for me, the intimate me, the subconscious me. I do this and hope that by sharing, we may both benefit. Even the dog.

I went all the way back to the first post of this year-long journal and was shocked to find how far I have strayed from the initial intent. What was envisioned to be a medium for the advancement of my writing craft, has evolved to a rambling recapitulation of the daily issues that comprise my current state of affairs, most of them puny and pathetic.

Take this thing with my heart (please) as an example. Really, who gives a fig? We all have, most assuredly you have, issues of our own. Every once in a while I preach to the choir about things that are important to me such as food, exercise, travel, music, literature and movies. That is also redundant. You have your own tastes, favorites, likes and dislikes. Who am I to try to influence your thinking?

As surely as I have failed I have accomplished one thing, I have done this every day for the entire year. There are four days missing in there somewhere but considering the air miles, trips to the ER and hospital stays, 99% isn't too bad. Before the end of the year I will go back and try to extrapolate those four days to verify this assumption. I could have had a hangover or some other self-induced trauma.

I am somewhat proud of this minor achievement. I might continue or I might not. I does take time.

Today the perplexment comes in the form of judgement. My question is this: When you feel the decision of persons close to you are for revenge and vengeance is there any way to protect the innocent? I can't seem to find a way to remain neutral while the metaphoric right plans a coup against the left. Is collateral damage OK in this modern world? What if there are children involved? Do I have a moral obligation to dig in, hold firm and fight?

Or do I let go and take the spineless route back to my cave and pretend that I am powerless?

Is there ever such a thing as a win/win? Does somebody always have to lose?

I fell a little better now that I have sorted all this onto a log.

Thanks for listening.

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