Monday, December 1, 2014

Day 331.52, making a difference

We talked a little about it this morning during our 60 minute ride in the Gilded Palace of Spin. A quote somebody sent, attributed to Tom Brokow, that went something like, "Making a buck is easy, making a difference is hard." I liked that one immediately and played it like a red poker chip in the attempt to get the rest of the players to ante up their power and commitment. It seemed to work. I sometimes gauge the success of the class afterwards in the locker room (Mens). This morning's comments were particularly encouraging. Which always makes me feel like I have made a difference, however small.

Because the bucks aren't what keeps me coming back!

Secondly today, before we head out to the PB for another session, this time the very tightly controlled and precise 2x20 set, is the little gem posted above.

Let's simply change 'the kind of parent'  to the type of athlete (and coach) towards the determination of one's success. Let's also take a look at those attributes listed as a direct reflection:

A great teammate
Mentally tough
Tries their best

Do you want a kid, or an adult like this on your team?
Do you want a student like this in your class?
Do you want a coach that exhibits these same qualities?
The guy wrapping your burrito at Taco Bell?

I do.

Let's make a difference gang. Now. Here.

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