Saturday, December 20, 2014

Day 348.70 on Data

I read this week that for many people success comes as one's ability to process and relay information. Mostly data. E.g., what do all these numbers signify and how can they be used to push an agenda (most of the time to result in the exchange of cabbage commodities?)

I think that is a good commentary. I juxtaposed its wisdom to what we do and came away with another concept altogether by simply substituting the results from money to power. We conduct a test to determine capability. It is all data. What we do with it becomes the challenge. So we relay the data to our energy production centers (big muscle groups) in precise and controllable amounts in order to bring about adaption. Data in and power out.

The antithesis is, of course, that not everybody sees this wonderful opportunity. A lot of folks read newspapers, blogs, reports, 'zines and anything else they can wrap their bifocals around. THEY DO NOTHING WITH THE ACCUMULATED DATA. Same with our athletes, they do the test (in one form or another) only to default to comfort zones when the real opportunity calls to leave that zone behind like a bad habit and move into a new, more powerful, efficient and sustainable one.

Zones are defined by even more data. Let us mine. We want to be in a percentile of the zone that offers the most reward for our training expenditure, as measured by time, space and money spent to accrue.

Interestingly, all this doesn't have to be rocket surgery, it is, comparatively, easy. Get some good, current data. DO THE TEST. Then commit to the process. Meaning some energetic movement every day, training in zones and adding its accompanying cohort in goal attainment, a solid diet with adequate rest, and…..

…..YOU HAVE IT. Good info in and productive data out.

Of course there are people that refuse both the test and the discipline necessary to adapt. There is plenty of data on that demographic, and as I am not interested in some one who is not interested in his or her own self, the equation, the physical one, is lost by apathy or distraction. More mining: One might be  be the most successful capitalist in the world, but if you cannot spend the fruits of that labor (or trust fund) in good health, you have yourself a nice definition of a false dichotomy.

Let's pay attention to the comings and goings of data. Let's use that information to our benefit. Let's accumulate solid and accurate intel and put it to use as our servant.

Or it might well become your master.

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