Friday, October 31, 2014

Day 300.21

If I told you what was REALLY going on it would burn off the both of your ears.

Suffice it to say that these 'behind the scenes' theatrics provide fertile ground for the practice of stress management.

And I think that I might be making progress. With the stress management - not the theatrics.

Yesterday was horrible. Today was manageable. I got to deal with my health care service department, the pharmacy and my cardiology staff. Seems when they say 200 mg they mean it. No prescribing 400! That is a personal foul and you can go sit on the bench and stew in your ailment should you try. Double the dose? That is between you and your doctor. OK, I get it, thanks (and have a nice day).

After another blood test I stopped by Trader Joe's for my now favorite meal/snack: Chile Spiced Mango dried fruit and Roasted Seaweed with wasabi. It's about the synergy! Usually I wash that down with some compatible flavor of low-fat yoghurt (vanilla goes with anything) but today I wanted to try to go sugarless and yoghurt has TONS. So I sipped water.

Being it Halloween I will try to keep the sugar zombies away as long as possible. I don't expect much walk-up activity out here anyway, so it should be easy.

Two days off has been a test. I hope I am up to the task tomorrow as we tackle our weekly 90 minute spin fest. I am going to work on the set list and workout protocol right now although I have limited mobile resources. Classic Rock and standing climbs are another great mix!

The Huskies play Colorado almost immediately after our session, we finish at 0900, they kick-off (freaking NCAA money grubbers) at 1000. Here is my weekly prediction (so far I am 5 and 3):

Starring into the abyss of death, both squads, on opposite sides of the chasm of failure, know the decision will go to the most resilient, most tenacious, most hungry and most persistent. And to the most lucky. Washington in a season saving win over the courageous, but eventually over-matched and over-whelmed Buffaloes 36-17.

Happy Halloween.

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