Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Day 298.19

The way I see it today.

We have a fresh opportunity every day to do what we want. We can push the envelope in the direction of 'good' or scrunch it into a ball and toss in the waste.

What an incredible opportunity this is. Combining both the miraculous and magical.

Of course I reference all this from the health and fitness perspective for one simple fact:


I have been there. Lived it. Felt it. Dealt with it. Looked it in the bloodshot eye. Played Rigoletto.

And made it through. With a LOT of help from some very talented and compassionate care providers.

So please let me reiterate, your health and fitness are number one. Numero uno baby. Without them you got squat. Double-diddly-squat. Which is, as you know, the worst kind.

So if your house, car, boat, jet, job or career is your primary focus, smell these roses and sip this double espresso:

You have the choice today, right now to do something about it. So do it.

I speak the truth. Please hear. The fat lady wants to sing. Tell her she will have to wait some.

And that is the way I see it today.

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