Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Day 277. My Ship?

Maybe it was the full moon tonight, or maybe it was the high octane mix (with adrenaline) but tonight's set was phenomenal. I got back to 200 watts for the first time in several months and rode it like I stole it. All this after a Super Eight set in the morning. Once again, for the record, this is no brag (really NOBODY brags about 200 watts), more a record of the process. For what end result I have no clear idea, but I feel a need to (b)log.

Because tomorrow (God willing and Puget Sound don't rise) I am going to conduct a test upon my humble and pathetic self. The classic before and after.

I want to test FTP before I have the pacemaker installed Friday and than again after.

Won't THAT be fun??????

I keep telling my PB mates that the procedure idea is to regulate the Bradycardia and its divesting low end symptoms, and has nothing to do with 85% or maximum, but they all still think that this will be somehow performance enhancing and that I will end up on the Tour. I know they are wrong

But I hope they are right.

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