Thursday, October 16, 2014

Day 285.6

A little better but far from perfect.

The down bags, ceramic heater and gas furnace dialed up the comfort factor significantly.

After yesterday's two sessions I felt fairly good. Had to gulp one of the prescribed pain killers at bedtime, and today I felt OK, although I have the odd sensation that 'something's not quite right' constantly buffering my on-going desire to feel normal again. The voice I am hearing is the same one that has been singing for a while now: There is something else involved.

And of course the song, as the singer, are 100% correct. There IS something else involved.

We simply do not know at this time what it is. So it remains idiopathic. Other. The 64 thousand dollar question. Mystery of mysteries.

Tactic: Time. Let it heal. Find some calm. Drink plenty of water, eat as good as you can afford and schedule in proper rest and recovery time. My workouts are interestingly decent. They are not overwhelmingly powerful, but they are consistent. Further, I am still here. Which should be good news for those of you betting the over on the streak!

It dawned on me today that our age group really isn't training to get stronger or faster - we aren't necessarily riding and running for more power - as we are making a noble stand in the defense of what we have. To not lose any more. To stand our hard-earned ground and never surrender. To fight the good fight against the omnipresent and relentless reality we call Time. (I almost called it the enemy, whew!).

So we do things a little differently. We warm up more, use our experience in place of raw power, warm down longer, stretch more, stop making the same stupid mistakes and apply a whole new mind-set to this miraculous circumstance we call training.

I don't need perfection today, just another step in its direction.

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Anonymous said...

Right on, you da man, keep going and it will all turn out. Watch those gas heaters though...