Saturday, October 4, 2014

Day 273

Looks like somewhere during, or immediately after, our weekly 90 minute spin-fest I slipped back into AF. First noticed as I finished doing the dishes and sat for a minute waiting for Junior to shower before we went shopping for new shoes. The minute I 'stopped' activity I felt like my heart was going to pulse itself into my throat. It was so violent that the paper I was reading began to shake.

I did what I normally do when this happens; breathe deep, relax and try to keep thoughts positive. I had just had some protein and carbs (huevos rancheros) so most likely electrolytes or dehydration was not the issue.

What the issue was remains unknown. Was it the intensity of our sessions? Its duration? What happened after? Stress?

I did reveal the pacemaker news to one of my friends after class and she almost screamed for joy, 'You'll be a new man, feel like your twenty again, LOOK OUT GIRLS!)

OK (cool on the girls part).

But I am not sold. I don't see how it can "fix" what I am feeling right now. And I am going to allow a (albeit gifted and personable) doctor to cut my chest stick in a foreign object (that includes a battery) and attach leads (with screws) into my atrium and ventricle chambers? REALLY? OF MY OWN FREE WILL AND WITHOUT A GUN POINTED AT MY TEMPLE?

I am simply going to waltz in and allow this to happen?

I am not so sure.

But what options remain?

I can't continue with this one day on and one day off stuff. It is too schizophrenic. Jekyll & Hyde for athletes isn't my kind of read. Steven King would have a field day with this.

So, as of now, I remain firmly in the saddle cinched to the top fence rail. I suppose by Friday (D-Day) I will have my answer.

Hopefully sooner.

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