Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Day 291.12

Every so often I find it helpful to review. We have covered so much ground. Made so much progress (even though at times it seems like none.) I mentioned in class this morning that we compare to our former selves, NOT to others.

So today, after a rollicking Super Eight set of maximum blasts of 30 second explosive power, and as I am feeling particularly good (fit and healthy) and before another 2x20 set of 85% of FTP in the PowerBarn this evening, let's spend a few minutes looking in the rear-view mirror. Shall we?

Don Miguel Ruiz has authored many books. His wisdom comes from the Toltec tribe. Perhaps his most famous work, The Four Agreements, is his finest. It is as simple as it is pure. As important as timely. Here are the Four:

1) Be impeccable with your word.
2) Don't take anything personally.
3) Don't make assumptions.
4) Always do your best.

How this fits into my day?

When I said I was going to kill the Super Eights, I meant it. I needed to back up that talk with the walk.

When I got to number seven and found my gas tank to be almost empty, I didn't berate the fool that I am.

I DID assume that I could execute the protocol flawlessly. Once again, I was not 100% correct.

Despite all this (failing at the first three) I did the best I could.

Tonight I will remind myself and review these principles prior to the nightcap.

I will not assume that taking it personally will create a falsehood in the process of doing the best that I can.

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