Monday, October 13, 2014

Day 282.3

 Monday, Oct 13, 2014. Columbus Day. I am not a fan. I would rather see a Vito Corleone Day. But I am not in charge.

What I am in charge of is the way that I deal with the events of the past, the challenge of the present and the way they create the success' of the future.

That is the way I see it.

I don't care about what happened yesterday, last week of when I was a teenager. What I care about is making the best choices I can make today.

Those is challenge enough without adding guilt, remorse or anger.

There are issues galore in my little world. Tonight will be my last night at my brothers house. Tomorrow afternoon Dad and I will drive down and pick up the RV. I continue to search for a parking spot. I have called in some favors, made the cold calls, dug into the web and asked around. Nothing yet. Except the easy way, which is to pay a 'nominal' amount for weekly parking in a dedicated lot. It is called an RV Park. And when I say nominal I really mean 'expensive'.

But that is the best option today, here and now.

It could change tomorrow.

The first workout with the new pacer was tense. It hurt. My heart rate was all over the map and I was gassed after our 60 minute spin. Usually this affects me 'nominally' but today I was like a newbie in class for the first time. Ouch. I stripped the bandage in the shower and the scar is kinda ugly. I joked to Bernie (who helped me off with my jersey because I couldn't get it over my head) that we should use this scar in a happy face tattoo. Ha.

I am trying to be patient (verb) and a good patient (noun) simultaneously, so I am ready to give it some time, but this is not what I expected. I can understand the chest, shoulder and arm pain, but why do I still have the lightheadedness, hypotension and AF if this is what the pacer is designed to eliminate? Is there a break-in period? Will it be 'better' tomorrow? Will I sense improvement soon?

Monday. Might as well be 1492.

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