Sunday, October 12, 2014

Day 281.2

 My first full day out of hospital with new pacer. Kinda weird, as I can't perfectly differentiate between post surgery pain and the effects of an implanted electrical device designed to 'regulate' or 'pace' my natural (albeit irregular) heart rate. There were lot of issues last night. The usual palpitations and ventricle flood release, a very uncomfortable sensation that I was hoping I had seen the end of, as well as the usual lightheartedness, dizziness and hypotension.

If you were to poll me right now about the difference from organic to 'performance enhanced' I would have to check the 'no change' box. But I am a big fan of change and it was definitely warranted in this case. Progress is one foot (one paw) in front of the other(s). And I ain't looking back. No 'what ifs'.

Today is another chance. I will give it time and be a good patient. My shoulder is healing and I am getting some range of motion back, I even get to take a shower today. I will allow the pacer to introduce itself (see 'before' photo) and show, prove, its capabilities to the rest of the team. A team that I am sure will appreciate the full cooperation and youthful exuberance of the rookie phenom (a five-star number one pick.) But these things can sometimes take time, eh? We always made the rookies carry the bat bag.

In other news, I might go down and pickup the SouthWind (shown above) later today. I made a few phone calls to friends yesterday and may have scored a parking place for the 33 foot behemoth. I am itching to get started with the outfitting, especially the A/V system and bike racks. Everything else is ready to go.

Should the Huskies continue their winning ways against Oregon next Saturday, we will 100% will be touring to Pullman for the Apple Cup. And since it wouldn't be a sleep over, maximum capacity is 7. As in number 7. As in Shaq.

Nicely done Dawgs. We both got off on the right paw.

Let's build some momentum.


Anonymous said...

You may want to edit your "Day" number. (281.2 perhaps?)

KML5 said...

Whoa, thanks. At the very least you would assume I can count.