Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Day 270

Two workouts in the log book. The annual Wednesday Super Eight session (20 minute warm-up, 30 seconds MAX and a 90 second recovery eight times), and then a follow-on 2x20 session eight hours later (twenty minutes at 85% if FTP, twice with a five minute break between).

Tried to get caught up between sets and marginally succeeded. What I was pleased with was the video we shot out in Salisbury, MD on Saturday. As the screen grab indicates, the resolution is magnificent. Even with the huge file size (pixels take space) I will figure a way to charge and power the camera for any duration using this new and vastly improved protocol and setting.

I have a few hours in the morning tomorrow to continue the process before heading into HQ and another appointment at UW Med.

I am 200 pages into a Nicholas Sparks tome (The Longest Ride), amazed at his ability to develop characters and create moods with crisp dialogue. For examples consider his fine work with Message in a Bottle, A Walk to Remember or The Notebook.
Now you know.

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