Thursday, October 23, 2014

Day 292.13, Clean Bill

(Somewhat) clean bill of health from the cardiology department at UW this afternoon. They hooked up the pacer and pulled out all kinds of data. A surprising amount actually. Including the times that I have slipped into AF since the implant, 13 days ago.

I was amazed to find that the four incidents precisely matched the times that I had recorded on my own, using my cheap Polar monitor as tool. The EP, Dr. Robinson wants to now try some drugs to keep that (slipping into AF) from happening at all, ever again. They also dialed up the lower register response to 60bpm from 50. The thinking is that now that everything looks good, we can tweak the technology to best fit the symptoms. Even if I am not a fan of the drugs (they seriously lowered my HR the first go around) now that that is no longer and issue, if the drugs (no side effects) keep me in sinus rhythm and I cannot drop below 60 bpm, we might have a winner!!

That is the theory. Testing will begin immediately. Like in about 90 minutes as we saddle up in the PB for another 2x20 set.

The only bad news in all this is that Rite-Aid said the prescription needs to be pre-approved, so I might have to ante up to cover the cost of the meds.

So somebody needs to hire me. STAT.

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