Wednesday, October 15, 2014

284.5, Rock this Joint

Now we got somethin'. My first night in the PowerBus (shown below) was cold. I didn't have the external power figured out nor hooked up, so I slept with merely a thin blanket. When the alarm sounded at 0400 I was a touch alarmed that my sleep was so short and incomplete. That is the bad news.

The good news is that as a result of my early (and caffeine-less) wake-up and commute, our sixth Super Eight session in the House of Mirth was rather interesting. From the standpoint that I should have been, in the athletic sense, worthless.

But I was not.

Shoulder is recovering fast, so I had some decent leverage with which to apply power to pedals. HR got up to 150, always recovering efficiently during the 90 seconds of rest between the 30 second blasts. In the past, once this activity was over I would (after thanking the Lord for it) almost immediately, as if on cue, begin to feel worse and worse, sometimes ending with drugs and/or sleep as response.


It is now four hours after the set, and five days after the pacer install, and I feel remarkably good. (There are some other stressors playing out - I hope that with patience and faith - they will soon be resolved as well.)


A circumstance that will be improved upon as this day progresses. I am making a trip to my storage unit to grab a small electric heater, down sleeping bag, coffee pot and a few books. My ukulele is already here.

We will rock this joint.

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