Monday, October 20, 2014

Day 289.10

I sent out a few resumes today. Talked with a couple of folks. Did some internet searches. There are jobs out there. Some even involve travel.

BUT, they all seem to leave me in the middle of the road. Way too techie, or well beneath my skill set.

I am middle America. Lost at sea. Without a paddle or a canteen. There is another word for it but I am trying my best to refrain from the vulgar.

I want to build something. Put hands to work. Cut, sand, nail, paint. I need a side project to get me untied from this horrifying computer tether. My ideal day (for now) looks like this:

Exercise (train)
Computer work (video)
Outside project (build)
More exercise (cross-train)
Computer push
Exercise (easy)
Follow up
Read, write
Sleep (with nice dreams)

I can grab healthy snacks and fit in commutes with this schedule. It suits me. There is precious little compensation however.

What would I think if all that came crashing down and ended up looking like this:


I don't know. What I DO know is that I need to generate some revenue. Re-stock the coffers. Fill some coffee cans with Bens and bury them in the forest. Buy a lot in Sequim so I can dig holes and place seedlings in them. Pay taxes again. Get square with the IRS. Fix my credit. Buy some medical insurance. Sound like middle of the middle in the USofA?

Maybe they won't ever call for an interview. Then I won't have to answer that question. In the meantime I have an exercise session at 1800.

Thank the Lord for that!

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