Friday, October 24, 2014

Day 293.14

I am driving the RV (PowerBus) down to the Silverdale Car Toys to have the new audio/video system installed. I am feeling good. There are several feelings and emotions that always swirl when I am on the road. And even though this trip is a mere 20 miles I smile at the wheel of this big tuna. I remember taking what we called 'major excursions' way back in college, driving up to San Francisco from LA, out to Ogden, Utah and even all the way East to Nawlins for a Mardi Gras one year. I remember heading North in my 1950 Chevy half-ton, breaking down in Pittsburgh, CA and then downscaling to a back-pack to continue the trek into Spokane. That was the first leg of this very adventure. They are all connected to today.

I like being out there. On the road. Always have, and it looks like I always will.

We have officially established Nov 8 as the inaugural PowerBus trip. The big tuna will morph into the PowerDawg as we haul a rabid crew to the Husky/UCLA game. After today's music/movie upgrade, a few bike racks, indoor couches to replace the rear bed and BBQ cooking apparatus will have us breaking huddle and ready to establish a ground game and dominate.

I am putting the menu together for the tailgate activities as we speak. There will be Coho.

I think it will be fun. Out there. Husky Stadium. Dawgs, Bruins. Coach Pete and the Montlake Mutts need us. There is a LOT of history there (especially versus UCLA) and we are drawing up a few new plays to add to the arsenal.

It WILL rock.

Pic is from the Husky Stadium project, 2012. We'll be there 11.8.14. WOOF.

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