Saturday, November 1, 2014

Day 301.22, Twice!

We made it through TWICE today!!!!!

First was the ridiculously hard 90 minutes in the House of Mirth (the room in which we spin) . And the second was the Huskies come-from-behind victory over the hustling Colorado Buffaloes.

The protocol: 30 seconds in a sitting-standing-and sitting again segment followed by five seconds of explosive power and then (and only then) a 30 second break before upping the resistance setting one notch, and repeating from 15-21. Ouch.

The we did them for for sixty seconds. More ouch.

And then for two minutes. Mucho ouch.

Almost immediately afterwards the Huskies and Buffs kicked it off from Boulder's Folsom Field. We played like bison shit for the first half but managed to endure and power-up to an explosive 38-23 victory.

Thereby setting up our jaunt to the home of the Dawgs next week in the PowerBus to watch the purple and gold clad local eleven tee it up with the Bruins from UCLA. Should be almost too much fun!!!!

So there is your two for two. I am a happy (albeit tired) Husky tonight.

Yes, I am fan of indoor cycling and college football.

See you tomorrow.

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