Saturday, November 15, 2014

Day 315.36

Where do we go from here?

We go where we want to go. We be what we want to be. We do what we must. We do what has to be done.

Al through it all we stay present, aware and joyous.

What else do we have?

We can hide in the shadows of denial, we can pretend it doesn't matter, we can assign blame and judge others.

Conversely we have the option to grow, to shine our lights and sing our songs.

Never we we told (to the best of my knowledge) that all this was going to be easy.

Thing is, it GETS EASIER, as we practice it. Repetition is the key, the same way that we practice free throws, 5 yard outs or double plays. The exact same way we spin the pedals, run uphills and swim countless laps in the pool

You, we, us get better as we repeat the thing we are trying to master.

Stay with it. Hang in there. Face your fears. Do that thing that fills your soul with challenge and rewards the effort with continual improvement and reward. No matter how small.

Take to time to listen. Hear the conversation. Heed.

Tough day this morning, heart all over the place, rugged protocol. I still feel 'off' but OK. I think I will make it through the game.

Huskies in an upset in the desert by the same score we beat them last year in the rain and wind in Seattle, 31-13. Woof.

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