Monday, November 3, 2014

Day 303.24

Well, today wasn't one of the best. We did our normal 0530 spin session for which I intentionally dialed down the intensity factor to match my perception of personal capability. To little apparent avail. It hurt and I hurt. I knew I was in AF going in, but what happened after really got me reeling. Came as close as ever to passing out from hypotension. Merely going from a sitting position to standing caused me to reach for support and hang on for dear life. I had to get back home (back RV) asap after that and lay down. Take a nap at 7 in the morning.
But nothing helped. I laid there and felt my heart try to jump out of my chest cavity, spasms in arms, legs and shoulders. Pings in neck, jaw and temple. I kept my heart rate monitor on and it was telling me what I already knew: Somewhere between 92 and 212 was the truth.

So I go down and try to get the meds and they are still trying to figure it out. No luck. I talk again to the nurse, she says she has been working it non-stop all day. I set up the new remote monitor machine and because I am on cell only now I can't send EKG info because I don't have a land line.

I take the machine to my sister-in-laws (she is a nurse) and ask for help. We get the data and send it off in less than five minutes. Two weeks of HR data downloaded from the chip in my pacer.

They call back in twenty minutes to tell me that I am in AF and need to take my medication.

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