Saturday, November 22, 2014

Day 322.43

A beautiful day. Crisp morning and sunny afternoon. On days such as this, I feel like going out for a long run. Love the way the chill factor tingles my nose.

On the other side, it will most likely rain tonight and most likely continue until March or so. It will get dark. It will be gloomy, It will be damp. There will be rust.

"But the heat came round and busted me for smiling on a cloudy day."

I made the commitment a LONG time ago to do two things:

1) Allow the weather to affect my happiness.
2) By happy no matter what.

Number two, as you are aware, is by far, the more difficult. One can camp inside in front of a roaring fire, sip tea and read Robbins, Robinson or Rice, just as easily as listening to Liszt, Lynyrd or Ludwig. Keeping a rosy outlook as the rain or sleet falls outside is easy. There are many who feel that this season is too short, in fact. So a touch of drizzle ain't gonna hurt. Keeps things green and alive.

Back to number two. Now we got some challenge. Do I really mean, NO MATTER WHAT?


No matter what. This does not mean laughing, raucous, mindless merriment. It means keeping a joyful perspective, accepting the reality of the circumstance and helping others who have not yet mastered the act. And that means a lot. To everyone. (This year I have had tons of practice following my football team.)

There will come a reciprocal time when we need all that from our family and friends. Somebody to stand with us in a time of weakness or despair. Not to tell a joke but by simply using the power of our presence to let our mates know they are not alone at this troubling, testing time. To say, no, convince them, that things will be OK. As they will be. No matter what.

It might be one of the hardest acts we will ever perform. The final scene when the curtains starts to close.

You know what happens next?

Applause. Bravo. Bravissimo.

A beautiful day. Don't let it get away.

(Oh yeah, and that football team? 38-21 tonight.)

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